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Better Care. Connected Care. HealthShare.
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Better Care. Connected Care. HealthShare.

Healthcare organizations worldwide are charged with improving quality, accessibility, and efficiency. Better care isn’t easy. Populations are aging and growing numbers of patients have multiple chronic conditions. Medical knowledge is growing exponentially. Funding is constrained at every level.

Faced with such complex challenges, organizations traditionally respond in one of two ways. They map out complex, monolithic, multi-year solutions that are out of date before they can be implemented. Or they pursue a host of small, individual solutions that have little impact on the problem as a whole. Information technology deployed as part of such responses does little to create value.

We believe there is a better way: transform healthcare through information sharing. We call it strategic interoperability. When comprehensive health records are shared in a timely and meaningful way among providers, patients, information systems, and payers, the result is connected, holistic, and patient-centric solutions.

Capture Share Understand Act - HealthShare

InterSystems HealthShare® provides the health informatics platform and the solutions necessary to put this approach into practice. Simply stated, HealthShare allows your organization to capture, share, understand, and act.

Capture health and health-related information from everyone involved, including the patient and payers. Share that information in a meaningful way across all the constituents in the care process. Analyze and understand all of the information, structured and unstructured, and with that understanding, act to drive improvements in care and efficiency.

Connected care: the path to value

HealthShare covers the complete spectrum of interoperability requirements, from health information exchange, to community engagement, to health analytics based on current, comprehensive, and credible information. The following pages give you a quick look at the HealthShare product family and how it can help your organization deliver the value of better, connected care.

Read the Brochure:
Better Care. Connected Care. HealthShare.