The InterSystems Customer Engagement and Software Implementation Methodology

When Projects, Care Quality, and Reputations are on the Line: Implement ARIES

A Faster Path to Success: InterSystems ARIES
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When implementing healthcare enterprise software such as an electronic medical record (EMR) system, lives and livelihoods may be on the line. Project time and budget overruns can disrupt the smooth functioning of your organization. Misconfigurations of the new system can disrupt workflow, increase clinical risks, and cause delays in billing and reimbursement.

You can reduce these risks and deliver the benefits your organization expects from new software when you work with InterSystems and ARIES — our customer engagement and software implementation methodology.

We believe that implementation success requires a long-term partnership between two parties with a fundamental mutual interest — getting the new solution live and delivering expected benefits as quickly as possible. ARIES stresses human factors and mandates customer change management and training as part of the project plan.

A Proven Methodology for a Faster Path to Benefits

Improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of care delivery and increasing patient and clinician satisfaction are major goals for healthcare systems everywhere. InterSystems has leveraged its experience deploying enterprise solutions in thousands of organizations worldwide to refine ARIES and guide our customers to achieving their desired benefits faster.

Rather than regarding an implementation as a technology project, InterSystems approaches each engagement as a clinical transformation initiative. ARIES reflects our commitment before the sale, during implementation, and afterward to getting it right and making life easier for our customers. It’s expected that our customers will have an equally strong commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities during the project.

Download the ARIES Brochure

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