Kathleen Aller

Kathleen Aller leads business development for InterSystems HealthShare. She has over 30 years of experience in healthcare and technology, with expertise in patient engagement, enterprise intelligence, electronic health records, healthcare information sharing and quality and performance measurement.

Twitter: @KathleenAller

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Ending Life with Dignity

End-of-life issues are difficult at best. When there are failures in the system that affect the care of a loved...

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Connecting at Global Summit 2015

InterSystems just held Global Summit, our annual conference and celebration. The weather was gorgeous and the parties were terrific. Better...

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Salty Cookies, Sweeter Outcomes: Shared Healthcare Decision Making

The Christmas cookies were a little saltier than normal that year, flavored with my tears. That was the year I...

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Come As You Are – You’re Invited to a Patient Engagement Party!

Lately it seems we’ve all been invited to an engagement party – not for a pair of lovers, mind you,...

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You CAN Get There from Here: Navigating Interoperability

Not surprisingly, we’ve had a lot of questions recently about what we think of the draft Interoperability Roadmap published by...

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Scanning the Garbage: Looking for Meaning in Mounds of Data

We all have different ways of interpreting the world around us. I tend to see things as visual metaphors. While...

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