Kathleen Aller

Kathleen Aller leads business development for InterSystems HealthShare. She has over 30 years of experience in healthcare and technology, with expertise in patient engagement, enterprise intelligence, electronic health records, healthcare information sharing and quality and performance measurement.

Twitter: @KathleenAller

I Know It When I See It: Coordinated Care

I’ve spent many years working with healthcare providers to implement and optimize care under bundled payment programs, beginning with diagnosis-related...

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Adventures in EHR Land: Misplaced Patient Identities

When you spend your work life around health IT, every healthcare encounter becomes an opportunity for field research. I find...

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A Cable Car Named Interoperability: New KLAS Study Takes the Clinician View

It was a fitting metaphor: A group of healthcare providers, health IT vendors, interoperability experts, and our KLAS hosts were...

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Why Time and Place Still Matter in a Connected World

Sometimes a single phrase can encapsulate an entire conference. At the recent eHealth Week 2016 event in Amsterdam, a comment...

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Revolutionary Health IT: A View From Dubai

“The first health revolution brought clean water; the third should bring clean information.” — Gassmeir and Gigerenzer in Better Doctors,...

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Have We Created Connected Value for the Healthcare Community?

“Information technology only matters if it creates value for patients and providers.” — Denis A. Cortese, MD InterSystems Global Summit...

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