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InterSystems blogs are authored by members of the InterSystems team as well as guest bloggers. Our blogs will provide a range of opinions that we hope you will find useful, engaging, informative – and fun to read.

Moving Forward With Interoperability: The Behavioral Health Perspective

by Marlowe Greenberg, CEO, Foothold Technology For the last several years, Foothold Technology has participated in the InterSystems Global Summit,...

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Sidestepping the Silos for Advance Directives

By Brian Murphy, Analyst, Chilmark Research All patients are urged to have a living will, a healthcare proxy, and advance...

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Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Will the Revolution Be Connected?

I recently returned from the AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta, and I was amazed by the...

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Oh, the Times They Are a-Changin’

By Jay Tolman, Thornberry Ltd. I used to wonder why hospitals were not more proactive in partnering with home health...

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The Patient Education Chasm – Part 2

By Mark Friess, CEO, WelVU   Part 1 of this blog explored the factors behind the expanding chasm in patient...

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The Patient Education Chasm – Part 1

By Mark Friess, CEO, WelVU We are at an inflection point in patient education pursuits across the globe. A dramatic...

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