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Making the Care Connections That Matter Most in Rhode Island

Healthcare proxies have a tough job. The emotional stress of caring for an ailing loved one, combined with the chaos...

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The Catalyst: Data Analytics and the Evolution of Modern-Day Health Plans

As the healthcare industry shifts to outcomes-based financial models, coupled with requirements to improve the member experience of healthcare, plans are turning...

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Integrating EMS into the Healthcare System

One of the most significant and dangerous gaps in patient care is between EMS providers and emergency departments. The antiquated...

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Healthcare Data Portability in Nursing Care

Nursing care is evidence-based care: reviewing research, gathering data, and revising policies and procedures. Today’s challenge is how to locate...

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Leveraging Community Data for Continuous Innovation

Healthcare moves quickly. Whether inspired by clinical advancement, enabled by technical innovation, or pressured by market forces, provider organizations are...

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Five Ways to Keep Your “Heid” for Patient Management System Go-Lives

National Health Service (NHS) Fife’s recent go live reminds me of an old Scottish saying ‘keep the heid’. It’s about...

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