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PULSEcast Ep. 3 – Dave Menninger: Discovering the Hidden Dollars Within Your Data

Data is everywhere and capturing it has never been simpler or more cost-effective. But as data collection becomes more widely...

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PULSEcast Ep. 2 – Kathleen Aller: Demystifying the Decentralization of Care

Every day, a phenomenon is gaining momentum across the healthcare continuum: the decentralization of care. From telemedicine to mHealth apps...

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PULSEcast Ep. 1 – John Halamka: Making the Most of Decentralized Data

John Halamka is preparing for a forthcoming sea change in the way we extract value from health information: the decentralization...

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How AI and Machine Learning are Transforming the Way Discoveries are Made

James Collins, Ph.D. is on a mission to end antibiotic resistance with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning....

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Healthcare Value Unbounded

Creating a high-value conversation about Healthcare with Kathleen Aller at the Healthcare Leadership Conference by InterSystems. Kathleen Aller is on...

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Legacy Clinical Data Archiving: Beyond a Historical Patient Snapshot

Congratulations! You’ve rolled out a new healthcare information platform! Maybe you’re consolidating on a single solution following a merger, or...

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