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RxMx Builds Chameleon Technology Platform on InterSystems IRIS for Health to Accelerate the Safe Use of Medicines Globally

Greater Flexibility and Scalability Enables Automated Risk Management Solutions to Be Delivered More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., SYDNEY, Australia, April 22, 2020 – InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, today announced that fast-growing global healthtech company RxMx has built its new Chameleon platform on InterSystems IRIS for Health™, enabling pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently support the safe use of medicines around the world and powering a new COVID-19 testing and monitoring solution, Certify Covid Clear, for U.S. employers.

The RxMx Chameleon platform delivers automated risk management to keep patients safe, integrating with clinical laboratories and other data sources to analyze information in real time. Portals and apps tailored to the needs of doctors, care teams and patients call attention to critical action-requiring items and provide a community of support for patient monitoring.

RxMx leveraged Chameleon – built on IRIS for Health – to rapidly develop Certify Covid Clear in partnership with physicians, public health experts and leading clinical laboratories. It provides access to diagnostic testing, providing U.S. employers with a secure digital platform to track and manage clinical data to verify which employees are safe to return to work and when.

RxMx also offers configurable platforms for pharmaceutical companies to support specialty medicine regimes requiring regular testing and monitoring of patients. These systems typically detect at-risk patients and provide reminders and notifications to doctors, nurses and patients via emails, texts and mobile apps.

InterSystems IRIS for Health is the world’s first and only data platform engineered specifically for the rapid development of healthcare applications to manage the world’s most critical data. It empowers healthcare organizations with a unified data platform that combines analytical and transaction processing with native interoperability for all data types. With the ability to rapidly scale and manage both heterogeneous data and fast data, InterSystems IRIS for Health accelerates development cycles to meet the data demands of the modern organization.

With Chameleon, RxMx has placed greater focus on being a product-based company with a single agile platform that can be configured to meet each client’s requirements without software development. Underpinning this is InterSystems IRIS for Health and its ability to readily integrate with a comprehensive range of healthcare data sources.

The combination of Chameleon and InterSystems IRIS for Health allows RxMx to more quickly deliver solutions for clients, reduce deployment cost for smaller markets, easily scale its secure cloud infrastructure for large numbers of data sources and volumes, and innovate more rapidly.

The company is growing rapidly and saw a year-over-year revenue growth of 366% in 2019.  RxMx CEO George Hunnewell said, “Our partnership with InterSystems is very important to RxMx. IRIS for Health is the foundation of our Chameleon product, and we rely on it for the majority of our pharmaceutical clients around the world.”

“There has definitely been a paradigm shift,” said Matt Smallcomb, Product Director for RxMx. Turnaround time from client engagement to deployment, which previously included three months of software development, has been significantly reduced. “Being able to deploy more quickly, depending on the complexity of the treatment, is really opening up the market.”

“When we talk to new customers, we are the most scalable and flexible provider,” said Smallcomb. “With InterSystems IRIS for Health, we can work with HL7, CDA, FHIR and other healthcare data and integrate it for real-time analysis with no limitations on the number of connections or the volume of data. We can also scale down to meet the needs of smaller markets and cost-effectively support patient treatments in more countries.”

InterSystems IRIS for Health also supports RxMx’s product innovation with the ability to easily integrate medical and wearable devices, for example, or behavioral science and machine learning platforms.

Areas of product development include medication adherence tracking, with InterSystems IRIS for Health integrating with smart pill bottles or devices that clip onto blister packs. Algorithmic analysis based on machine learning using RxMx historical data and third-party datasets could also warn of potential unexpected outcomes and suggest appropriate clinical workflows, said RxMx CTO Ben Rhodes. “The machine learning will help clinicians pick up on something they may have missed before.”

“RxMx has grown and developed enormously since InterSystems first partnered with them,” said Luciano Brustia, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific at InterSystems. “The company has gone from introducing clinically proven technology to support the safe use of medicines in one country to a global healthcare technology leader and innovator working with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.”

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We've built our business on the idea that by automating certain tasks, we empower healthcare professionals to safely administer treatments without increasing their burden, so they can focus on patient care. Our technology solutions deliver cost savings and better outcomes to our partners and benefit patients by ensuring they can access the best treatments science offers while simplifying their care journey.

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