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Russia’s Second-Largest Laboratory Undergoes Digital Transformation via InterSystems TrakCare® Lab Enterprise

KDL Lab introduces unified, modern laboratory information system to streamline workflows, provide uninterrupted service during COVID-19 pandemic

Cambridge, Mass., USA, and Moscow, August 17, 2020 – InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, today announced that KDL Lab, the second-largest laboratory network in Russia, has implemented InterSystems TrakCare® Lab Enterprise (TCLE) to create a unified laboratory information system across all KDL facilities – without interrupting daily lab activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

KDL selected InterSystems as its partner based on proven experience in large-scale laboratory projects around the world, as well as experienced implementation and support team in Russia.  Equally mission critical to KDL was InterSystems TrakCare Lab Enterprise complete set of solutions for the laboratory business, and an ability to fully support KDL’s multi-branch structure in a single unified system in the cloud, unique in Russia.

In the process of implementation, a system for managing master data and normative and reference information was created, a pilot project was launched at several regional laboratories of the KDL network. Then, after careful preparation, in April 2020, TCLE was launched in KDL’s mega-laboratory in Moscow, with a flow of more than 50,000 tests per day. The real stress test for the implementation team was the implementation against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, which required an ultra-fast response to new tasks: new research, connection of new equipment and restructuring of internal processes.

According to Vladimir Ostrovsky, director for strategic projects of InterSystems in Eastern Europe and the CIS: “The KDL laboratory team and InterSystems were the first in Russia to replace several LISs of the previous generation with a single centralized LIS. In terms of the complexity and scrupulousness of preparation, this can be comparable to performing a heart transplant in a running person - it was necessary to complete the transition from old systems to new ones in just a few hours, without stopping tens of thousands of testing procedures."

The TCLE platform has now been deployed in a centralized laboratory in Moscow and 5 regional KDL laboratories in Saratov, Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk. By the beginning of 2021, all other regional KDL laboratories will be connected to the system. Further plans include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, which are also offered by InterSystems.

The General Director of the KDL laboratory, Yuri Leonov, summarizes the results: “We had to connect the new LIS in difficult conditions - against the background of restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. We did it. For us, the new LIS is a powerful tool for growth and efficiency, which is important to support the ambitious development strategy of the KDL laboratory network in the coming years”.

About KDL

The KDL network of medical laboratories (KDL group of companies) has been operating in the laboratory diagnostics market since 2003. The network includes 13 high-tech laboratories, more than 200 medical offices in 47 cities of Russia. The company performs laboratory research for 1,900 medical institutions throughout the country. In 2019, the revenue of the KDL group of companies reached 6.2 billion rubles.

About InterSystems

Established in 1978, InterSystems is the leading provider of data technology for extremely critical data in the healthcare, finance, and logistics sectors.  Its “cloud-first” data platforms solve scalability, interoperability, and speed problems for large organizations around the globe.  InterSystems also develops and supports unique managed services for hospital EMRs, unified care records for communities and nations, and laboratory information management systems. InterSystems is committed to excellence through its award-winning, 24×7 support for customers and partners in more than 80 countries. Privately held and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has 25 offices worldwide. For more information, please visit



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