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eHealth Exchange Surpasses 1.35 Billion Monthly Transactions, Representing a Major Milestone in Health Information Sharing

Increased access to healthcare data across 330 sources benefits patients, providers, and regional health information exchanges (HIEs).

Falls Church, Va., Dec. 13. 2022 – The eHealth Exchange, one of the nation’s largest health information networks connecting federal agencies and healthcare providers, recently reached a major milestone as the eHealth Exchange Hub platform began processing 1.35 billion inbound information requests per month. Teaming with InterSystems since 2019, Cognosante provides operational insight into the functioning of the eHealth Exchange Hub, as well as developing and maintaining the eHealth Exchange’s Insight Dashboard.

Originally intended to support no more than one million transactions per day, but now processing about 33 million information requests daily, the eHealth Exchange Hub was built using a cloud-based infrastructure that could support the program’s rapid, exponential growth.

“This milestone reflects a major advancement in interoperability. Not only does it underscore the value provided by scalable, cloud-based infrastructure, it also represents real healthcare information that is more quickly getting into the hands of the patients and providers who need it,” says Erick Peters, Cognosante’s Chief Technology Officer.

The eHealth Exchange network operates nationwide in 75 percent of all U.S. hospitals, connects to 61 regional or state health information exchanges (HIEs), and includes the largest public healthcare programs in the nation, including the VA health system. As such, the eHealth Exchange is helping providers across the country form a more complete picture of patient health based on longitudinal data.

“Americans are rightfully demanding a more efficient, streamlined healthcare experience, and health data sharing underpins the patient experience from faster check-in to more informed decision-making to the future of population health,” said Jay Nakashima, Executive Director of eHealth Exchange. “We’re thrilled to support this health data sharing at scale with 12 billion transactions annually and continue to expand until health data sharing is ubiquitous.”

“The eHealth Exchange Hub increases efficiency in the transmittal of medical records and provides valuable insight into how the exchange of health information is functioning nationwide. When we empower adoption and transparent use for timely and secure data sharing, we ensure access to those who need data,” says Yolanda Curtis, General Manager of Cognosante’s Health and Interoperability business unit.

Cognosante’s portfolio of interoperability programs includes Alabama OneHealth® Record, HealtHIE Nevada, the Pennsylvania Patient and Provider Network (P3N) and Reliance eHealth Collaborative. Cognosante was a founding member of the Da Vinci Project, as well as a founding partner of Collabrity Health, a membership-based consortium that brings economies of scale to small HIEs through the use of a flexible, shared infrastructure of roughly 330 participants.

About Cognosante
Cognosante is a mission-driven technology company delivering innovative and transformative solutions that improve the health and safety of Americans. With more than a decade of experience working with Federal and state government agencies, we aim to expand access to care, improve care delivery, deliver solutions addressing social determinants of health, and ensure safety and security through multi-faceted technology and customer experience (CX) solutions. Our broad range of capabilities includes enterprise IT and cloud, data science, telehealth, interoperability, public health surveillance, clinical performance, eligibility and enrollment, and consumer engagement. For more information, visit

About the eHealth Exchange
The eHealth Exchange, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is among the oldest and largest health information networks in America and is most well-known as the principal way the federal government shares data between agencies and with the private sector. The eHealth Exchange, a network of networks, is the only network connecting healthcare providers to five federal agencies, 61 regional or state HIEs, 75 percent of all U.S. hospitals, and 85 percent of dialysis clinics running on more than 30 electronic health record (EHR) platforms. National interoperability is facilitated by one common trust agreement and a single set of APIs. Five federal agencies (Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Indian Health Service (IHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Social Security Administration) participate in the network to share patient information with private-sector healthcare partners as well as other agencies. The eHealth Exchange supports the secure exchange of the more than 12 billion patient record transactions annually.

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