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Leading Thailand-Based Private Health Services Provider Takes Advantage of TrakCare’s Web-Based Architecture, Superior Clinical Functionality and Powerful Configurability

BANGKOK, Thailand —  November 23, 2010 — InterSystems Corporation, today announced that leading Thailand-based private health services provider, Vejthani Hospital, is deploying the InterSystems TrakCare Web-based healthcare information system to support clinicians in providing the highest levels of patient care and to improve the efficiency of its operations.

Vejthani Hospital is a 500-bed private hospital providing a full range of inpatient and outpatient services including 24-hour emergency care, over 30 specialist clinics and centers, and an extensive range of surgical procedures. The hospital treats over 300,000 patients per year, including international patients from over 40 countries.

Vejthani Hospital made the decision to use TrakCare to take advantage of its Web-based architecture, superior clinical and administrative functionality and powerful configurability.

TrakCare provides a full range of Web-based clinical, administrative, lab and community care capabilities. With an Electronic Patient Record at its core, TrakCare enables authorized users to securely access and update patient information via a single logon from anywhere they have access to the Internet.

“Because TrakCare is Web-based, clinical staff can quickly access patient data wherever they are, whatever device they are using, through the hospital’s wireless network,” said Charkrit Soucksakit, CEO of Vejthani Hospital. “TrakCare is fast and easy to use, so doctors and nurses can work more efficiently, and its advanced clinical functionality makes them more effective in providing the best possible care.”

TrakCare’s Clinical Consultation functionality, for example, delivers a highly efficient and flexible means of recording the details, clinical notes, tasks or actions required to complete a patient consultation from a single screen. The system’s Clinician Priority Workbench also improves productivity by enabling clinicians to assess, prioritize and take action on workload related to all their patients. From a single screen, clinicians can view and manage scheduled clinic appointments and bookings for operating theatres, meetings, tasks to be completed, current patient lists, unread results, pending orders and pending discharges.

Where the hospital’s previous healthcare information system could only be accessed from PCs and laptops, TrakCare’s Web-based architecture makes information easily accessible from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet devices. Vejthani Hospital plans to implement tablet devices to allow medical specialists, for example, to closely monitor their patients even away from the hospital.

Vejthani Hospital also plans to utilize TrakCare’s powerful configuration capabilities to create customized workflows and improve its business processes. TrakCare enables healthcare organizations to create their own forms and workflows to suit individual work practices or business processes. This helps to encourage clinician adoption by supporting the way individual clinicians want to work and makes it easy for users to adapt TrakCare to changing requirements.

“InterSystems is delighted to be working in partnership with Vejthani Hospital, one of the leading healthcare organizations in the Asia Pacific region, to help deliver the highest quality healthcare services and improve its operational efficiency,” said Stan Capp, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Middle East for InterSystems.

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