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InterSystems Credits Rapid Market Acceptance to Performance, Scalability, Network Computing Support

CAMBRIDGE, MA – March 30, 1998 – InterSystems Corporation today released statistics on the adoption rate of the company’s recently introduced Caché post-relational database management system. According to an InterSystems customer base survey, 76 percent of the firm’s top value-added resellers (VARs) by revenue are now deploying Caché-based applications, or plan to do so this year. Technology leaders including IDX Systems Corporation, Omega Legal Systems, and Integrated Software Solutions are among those moving quickly to deliver Caché application systems.

InterSystems introduced Caché, a post-relational DBMS with advanced object technology, in September of 1997. Caché is optimized for high-performance transaction processing, a focus for resellers in most industry sectors. “With three-quarters of our top VARs moving so quickly to Caché an adoption rate that’s virtually unheard of for enterprise database software it’s obvious that we’re providing the right solution for the demands of today’s professional developers,” says Paul Grabscheid, vice president of strategic planning.

Complex Transactions Going Web-Wide

Featuring advanced object technology and a transactional multidimensional data model (TMDMTM), Caché is optimized for fast performance and maximum scalability in complex transaction processing. Both performance and scalability requirements are critical success factors for today’s VARs, according to Grabscheid.

“Organizations in the reseller customer base require effective information access and immediate response. That makes high performance paramount,” he says. “We also see a continuing trend of mergers and acquisitions in multiple industries. Healthcare and financial services are prime examples. This makes easy scalability a key requirement for resellers targeting those industries.

“The Web adds a new dimension, making development even more challenging,” Grabscheid continues. “Performance expectations are rising and scalability must be viewed in almost infinite numbers. And, developers must build applications that handle complex transactions in a way that requires very little effort or learning curve from the Web user.”

Optimized for Transaction Processing

InterSystems designed and fine-tuned Caché to meet the performance and scalability requirements of complex transaction processing applications that run on the Web. The Caché database engine, for example, has demonstrated scalability to thousands of concurrent users. Equally key, the database engine is optimized for Web-oriented technologies such as objects and multidimensional data handling.

“The rate at which technology firms are moving to Caché proves that InterSystems is tied into where companies want to go, and giving them the technology to get there,” Grabscheid says.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation is the leading worldwide provider of high performance post-relational database systems optimized for transaction processing applications. Caché uniquely features advanced object functionality integrated with a transactional multidimensional data model for high performance, scalability, and reliability in Web and other network-centric environments.

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