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Johannesburg, South Africa – February 1, 2002 – US-based database and systems development company InterSystems has entered the South African market after clinching several multi-million rand deals with government departments and private businesses

InterSystems has embarked on a global expansion programme as demand for its products has increased, says Henry Adams, country manager for the international company whose flagship product, Caché, has over 4 million installed licensed users and over 80,000 supported systems in 88 countries.

Caché is a post-relational database offering a fusion of objects and SQL (structured query language) data in a multidimensional engine which runs on most major platforms, including Windows, OpenVMS, Linux, and Unix. Caché s unified data architecture supports a full range of object modeling paradigms and can expose Caché objects as Java, ActiveX, or C++ objects, boosting productivity by allowing developers to use familiar tools. This reduces time to market for developers, offering an increased return on investment.

The decision to open in South Africa was clinched when partners in this country closed several major deals, including the Western Cape Department of Health and the Department of Water Affairs, among others, Adams said. Addressing the concerns of the South African market required some strategic thought, said Adams, who has over 20 years local and international IT experience. “For example, we already have set up a training centre and started with a skills development programme, and there are many competent developers who are looking for international exposure,” Adams said. South African developers who want to use an already established international marketing network to acquire a global market are invited to contact InterSystems at its Rivonia office.

A single-user, time-unlimited, fully functional version of Caché is available at no charge from or on CD by request.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, CACHÉ, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast and massively scalable objects and SQL. CACHÉ features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications.

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