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InterSystems TrakCare Patient Administration, Accident & Emergency and Theatres ‘go live’ within key phase of island-wide Electronic Health and Social Care Record initiative

Eton, UK – 4 November 2009 – InterSystems Corporation today announced that States of Guernsey Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) have gone live with key foundation elements of its island-wide Electronic Health and Social Care Record (EHSCR). Guernsey has replaced its SWIFT Patient Administration System after 13 years of use, and simultaneously implemented new Accident & Emergency (A&E) and Theatre software. This functionality is all provided by InterSystems TrakCare connected healthcare information system that provides the single, shared electronic health record of the EHSCR.

The November ‘go live’ of the TrakCare PAS, A&E and Theatre modules included specialist Child Health software from CSE Servelec that was chosen by InterSystems and interfaced with TrakCare using InterSystems Ensemble® rapid integration and development platform.  As part of the InterSystems contract, HSSD had already successfully implemented Pharmacy Stock Control from JAC, which had been interfaced using Ensemble to the existing SWIFT Patient Administration System.   Then, as part of the November ‘go live’, these JAC interfaces were transferred to the new TrakCare PAS in preparation for a comprehensive medicines management capability.

To meet its needs Guernsey has developed a healthcare delivery framework for all elective and emergency services using a specially formed group of clinicians, The Medical Specialist Group (MSG).  For appropriate governance MSG accesses all records and appointments information via the HSSD.  One of the key benefits of the EHSCR project will be to provide a safer and more efficient service by eliminating its previous largely paper-based data-handling system.

TrakCare was selected as the basis for the EHSCR because it creates a single patient index for all the island’s residents and will facilitate better communication between providers across all care sectors. All support staff will access a single, integrated record, no matter where they are located.  This will ensure they always work with the most up-to-date and comprehensive patient information thereby enabling timely, informed decision-making, which will enhance the standard of care and improve the patient experience.

“The previous system involved too much form filling and letter writing to transfer information around the HSSD and between the MSG and GP surgeries,” said HSSD Chief Officer, David Hughes, continuing, “This all took time and could delay the prompt treatment of our patients. As the EHSCR project moves forward, we can look forward to a greatly streamlined approach to patient care.”

Dr Peter Standering, who has been involved with the project from the outset, said, “In modern medical care a patient, more often than not, requires many different healthcare professionals to be involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of their condition, and this is exactly what the EHCSR is designed to support.”

The teamwork between the States of Guernsey project team and the InterSystems implementation team has been as crucial to the project’s successful progress as the appropriateness of the overall IT solution. According to Alan Chapman, Programme Manager at Guernsey HSSD, “InterSystems and our own project team worked exceptionally well together, demonstrating a highly flexible approach.  The InterSystems implementation team leader, who was previously a hospital doctor, brought a clear understanding of clinical practices and his experience was invaluable. Having someone of his calibre manage the project brought a new level of credibility amongst our consultants and ensured everyone at HSSD and MSG has truly bought into the project.”

“Now that the new PAS, A&E, Theatres, Child Health and Pharmacy are all operational, we look forward to completing the roll-out of the entire EHSCR and delivering a truly world class solution for the States of Guernsey,” said Phil Birchall, Healthcare Business Development Director, InterSystems. Birchall adds, “This has been a real team effort with excellent collaboration between HSSD, InterSystems, CSE, JAC and also our Guernsey-based partner ITEX, who are delivering hardware and infrastructure services to support the project”.

TrakCare is currently used by leading hospitals, community care facilities, laboratories and governments in 25 countries.

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