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Providence, RI —July 30, 2007— Rhode Island is now one step closer to implementing a health information system that will allow physicians, with their patient’s permission, to access important patient health data from a variety of sources when and where it is needed. The State has chosen Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), and its subcontractor InterSystems Corporation, to build and integrate the necessary technology and software.

National and local efforts have been underway for the last several years to computerize medical records and develop secure methods to share records electronically. Governor Carcieri has prioritized making health information electronic for the majority of Rhode Islanders by 2010. “Anywhere, Anytime Health Care Information” is one of five elements that make up the Governor’s health care agenda.

“We can now begin the important work of building a secure Health Information Exchange, which will result in a more cost-effective health care system by reducing unnecessary tests and potential medical errors,” said Governor Carcieri.

The Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH), working closely with community partners, providers, and other key stakeholders, will oversee the development of this interconnected, interoperable system. HEALTH has engaged a wide range of consumer advocacy groups, health care attorneys, and others to ensure the system protects patients’ privacy and addresses the needs of both health care consumers and clinicians.

“With the creation of a statewide Health Information Exchange, doctors will be able to look up their patient’s critical health information, giving them a more complete understanding of their patients and allowing them to provide higher quality, safer, more coordinated care,” said Director of Health, David R.Gifford, MD, MPH.

Following an RFP process, HEALTH selected EDS as the technical vendor to build the system’s technology. EDS will subcontract with InterSystems Corporation for its HealthShare software. Through a three year, federally funded, $1.71 million dollar contract, EDS and InterSystems will build the core components of the system, including giving authorized health care providers access to comprehensive lab results and medication history for their patients. Initially these data will come from Lifespan, East Side Clinical Labs, the Department of Health State Laboratories, and SureScripts (a national company that administers the network connecting physician offices and pharmacies for e-prescribing). During the course of the contract, the system may be enhanced to include additional data sources and types.

EDS is a leading global technology services company, with a local office in Warwick. The company has extensive experience working for the State of Rhode Island, such as serving as Medicaid’s fiscal agent. For more information about EDS, visit

InterSystems Corporation, a software company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides software for connecting healthcare information. For more information about InterSystems Corporation, visit

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