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Engineering Consultancy Finds Advanced Object Capabilities Key to Selecting Post-relational Database

Cambridge, MA—August 12, 2003—InterSystems Corporation today announced that Omni Data Solutions has selected the CACHÉ post-relational database as the foundation technology for Web-based solutions targeted for a national customer base. The world’s fastest growing database company, InterSystems develops and markets the high performance CACHÉ database, which is optimized for building highly scalable Web-based applications with a RAD environment that enables rapid time-to-market product delivery.

Omni Data Solutions is an engineering consulting firm focused on providing solutions for the healthcare and professional services market. The company specializes in multiple business sectors, including the automotive, aviation, agricultural, advertising, architectural, accounting, engineering, legal and medical services industries. Omni Data Solutions offers a variety of services, including product design and testing, systems integration, thin client reporting, remote data collection and migration, and agency compliance management.

Object Technology, Flexibility Critical Factors

The advanced object technology featured in CACHÉ was a major reason behind its selection as database technology for building new Web solutions, according to Richard Pflughoeft, president of Omni Data Solutions. “Our aim is to be leading-edge in everything we do. Applications that we develop need to provide the high performance that our customers require and yet provide for adaptability to their changing needs. CACHÉ delivers the sophisticated object functionality we were looking for, as well as the platform independence needed to fulfill the requirements of our cross-industry client base,” he says.

InterSystems’ positioning as the largest database technology provider in healthcare added to the attraction of CACHÉ, according to Pflughoeft. “Expanding into the healthcare arena is one of our current business objectives. Many prospects tell us they expect healthcare software solutions to be built on CACHÉ. We plan to fulfill those expectations,” he says.

The consultancy is kicking off its CACHÉ-based initiatives with a proof of concept application that will be packaged and targeted for small to mid-sized engineering and professional services companies. “Our business model calls for working closely with our application partners, and we’ll be strongly supporting Omni Data Solutions as they launch new solutions based on CACHÉ,” says Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., InterSystems Corporation ( is a leading provider of low-maintenance, high performance database systems for Web applications, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, CACHÉ, is a post-relational database that uniquely offers three integrated data access options: a robust object database, high performance SQL and rich multidimensional access. CACHÉ enables rapid Web application development, extraordinary transaction processing speed and real-time queries against transactional data. InterSystems is the leading database provider in healthcare, with CACHÉ in use at the majority of major hospitals and labs around the world, including America’s 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report.

A free, fully functional, no time-limit version of CACHÉ can be downloaded or requested on CD from the InterSystems web site.

About Omni Data Solutions

Omni Data Solutions (, headquartered in Winona, Minn., is a consultancy that specializes in delivering custom solutions for engineering and professional services organizations. Offering extensive expertise in database and Web technologies, Omni Data Solutions understands how to align customer needs with security concerns and provides a range of solutions ranging from the ProAcq line of Environmental Monitoring Systems to healthcare business intelligence applications. Omni Data Solutions is a member of The Omni Group.

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