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Brussels, October 7, 2004 – Morningstar from Amsterdam and InterSystems Benelux have signed a collaboration contract by which Morningstar will use the InterSystems Ensemble universal integration platform for their projects.

Ensemble that has been nominated by Byte Magazine as the “Best Innovative Technology”, is the only comprehensive integration platform that incorporates the functionality of an integration server, application server, high performance object database and a unified development and management environment in a single, architecturally consistent product. Ensemble has also been positioned by Gartner in the Visionaries Quadrant of his Application Platform Suite Magic Quadrant. Ensemble takes application integration to the next level by enabling organizations to rapidly implement new business solutions that enhance the value of existing applications, orchestrate new business processes and integrate data across the enterprise.

Morningstar Systems positions itself as an IT implementation company for the improvement of information intensive processes inside and outside the enterprise. Central to their approach is the relationship between structured data stored in databases and unstructured data stored in electronic archives or in e-mails. Morningstar has developed a series of implementation methods and techniques that have led to a new expertise called “Context Management”. In support of this, Morningstar delivers applications in the domains of Portal development, Document Management as well as in the domains of Workflow and Knowledge Management. The majority of their customers are in the Petrochemicals, Pharmacy, Financial and Law sectors.

They have successfully delivered a range of integration projects that : offer and contract management, human resources management, campaign management, risk management, control of ISO procedures and patent management.

“Our clients are large companies that have already invested a lot of money in IT,” says René Beulen, director of Morningstar Systems. “We advise them on how to make a better use of their existing systems through the integration and extension of functionalities that add value to the business processes for example because information is more quickly available in real time and the efficiency of knowledge workers improves. The Ensemble technology from InterSystems enables us to integrate heterogeneous IT solutions in a much more cost effective manner than with other competitive integration solutions.”

Morningstar Systems:
( started in 1996 and has operations in Amsterdam, Heerlen, London (UK) and Baltimore (US).

InterSystems Corporation:
Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems Corporation has served the needs of IT organizations and independent software vendors for more than two decades. InterSystems’ showcase products, the Caché post-relational database and the Ensemble integration platform, enable the rapid creation and fast integration of high-performance applications. Over four million people use mission-critical applications based on InterSystems’ software. Twenty regional offices serve application developers and integrators around the world, and 24 x 7 support is provided for all InterSystems products.


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