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Reduces keystrokes with 25%

Houten/Brussel, September 2000 – Software house Micpoint, developer andmanufacturer of DAISY and owner of DaisyWeb, developed a technique that makesit possible to execute a series of commands by the touch of a button. This techniquereduces the amount of keystrokes with 25%.

The user ‘programs’ the commands that the PC should carry out under one single self-chosen key. For instance, starting the word processor, opening a document, changing the page set-up and printing the text. By pressing the programmed key once, all these commands are completed within two or three seconds. This makes it easy to quickly perform a task betwixt other jobs and while working on something else. By pressing the programmed key once again one returns to the original task.

This technique from Micpoint works on all PC’s, even the older data-entry terminals. The technique is so powerful that fewer employees can accomplish more work in less time.

Even though various tasks in various programs are performed at the same time, no data will be lost during a crash or power failure. All actions are immediately saved in the Caché database – and not in a scratch or temporary file. After a crash the PC automatically starts up with all the programs and documents that were activated before the crash, irrespective of the amount of opened documents and programs. This applies to DOS as well as Windows operating systems.

At this moment the stepping technique is implemented in DAISY, the multilingual administration package for veterinary practices that is used by 62% of all computerized veterinary practices in The Netherlands and several in Canada, Curaao, Belgium and Germany. DAISY offers vets the possibility to compile and send faxes, letters or bills by pressing just one button.

DAISY uses the advanced technology of Caché from InterSystems to integrate its word processing with an expert database that provides relevant advice on such things as feeding programs, medication and abnormalities. Medication and food may be ordered on-line, with pop-up guidance on possible prescription errors or cost control guidelines.

Since DAISY was designed in cooperation with veterinary surgeons its not surprising that it completely integrates all the functions that veterinary practices need for their business to run efficiently and effectively. By automating the invoicing, stock control and cash register functions vets can spend more time on customer and patient care.

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