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To ensure quality of patient data in specialist care services

ETON, UK – 23 June, 2014InterSystems, a global leader in software for connected healthcare, today announced that Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is using InterSystems HealthShare® to support key specialist care services. HealthShare is a health informatics platform that enables strategic interoperability and analytics for action across a hospital network, community, region, or nation.

The Trust’s vision is to be the best in specialist and integrated care. Central to the vision is the secure exchange of patient information anywhere in the region, supported by an integrated and interoperable electronic patient record for patients in Leeds. To achieve this, the Trust has created an integrated digital care record (IDCR), for which the regional master patient index (RMPI) is essential.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest NHS trusts in the country, covering a large area of Yorkshire. It has approximately 2,500 inpatient beds together with critical care and day-case beds, with more than 14,000 staff across six sites treating over 1 million patients a year. As a major teaching hospital trust, its leading clinicians have access to some of the most advanced technology in the world, ensuring the survival rates of its patients are among the best in England.

HealthShare is a key component of the Trust’s overall informatics strategy, building upon internationally recognised data standards and an open architecture. The RMPI uses HealthShare’s Patient Index to uniquely identify patients from the numerous healthcare applications and care settings across West Yorkshire. The Trust also uses HealthShare’s Spine Mini Services on a regional basis to access patient demographics located on the National Spine.

The IDCR currently has 1.3 million patient demographic records, which is expected to grow rapidly to 5 million. The RMPI will help the Trust continuously improve the quality of patient data and governance of care processes across its estate of connected systems, including the Trust’s renal and oncology services. Patients are also benefiting because they only have to enter information once, thus saving time and avoiding errors arising from duplicate data entry while reducing the potential for adverse medical events.

Eileen Jessop, Deputy Director, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said, “HealthShare’s capabilities and InterSystems’ partnership approach are very important for the success of the Trust’s health informatics vision. While our initial projects just use a fraction of HealthShare’s functionality, we can expand on this as we add additional specialist and integrated care services to meet the changing needs of our patients.”

“The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has taken a strategic interoperability approach that will benefit both patients and clinicians. InterSystems is delighted that the Trust chose HealthShare as the right platform to help it to provide better, more cost-efficient, more connected care,” concluded Steve Garrington, Vice President, International, InterSystems.


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About Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
Leeds Teaching Hospitals is one of the biggest NHS trusts in the country, offering a range of both general and specialist hospital services, with excellent clinical outcomes for patients. It has an international reputation for excellence in specialist care, research, and academic training. The Trust covers a large area of Yorkshire and comprises of approximately 2,500 inpatient beds together with critical care and day-case beds, with 14,000 staff across six sites, treating around a million patients a year with a budget of £789m.

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