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In just seven weeks Ensemble creates a faster and more available integrated healthcare system

Eton, UK – September 7, 2007 – InterSystems Corporation announced that The States of Jersey’s Health and Social Services has implemented both InterSystems Caché® and InterSystems Ensemble® software in order to speed up its internal database-driven processes.

Focused on promoting health and social well-being for the whole community, Jersey anticipates that its investment in this area will ultimately improve processing speeds by an impressive 100 times, whilst reducing the risk of a potential system failure.  This improvement alone plays a critical role in ensuring that Health and Social Services continues to provide prompt services to all its clients.

Jersey was prompted to review its infrastructure as its 20-year-old legacy system was becoming obsolete and was no longer able to scale to meet the high level of requirements driven by rising patient care demands.  An urgent issue was that the existing system did not issue a warning alert if it failed, and then it took up to two hours to restore to full operational status.

The new integrated healthcare system is significantly faster and more available.  An example of improvement is that the overnight patient demographic and statistics processing now takes just five minutes to complete rather than the previous eight hours.  In addition, the previous back-up policy meant there was 30 minutes per day of down time, and now the back up completes with no downtime – so the system runs constantly. The adaptability of the new system was particularly impressive.  For example, InterSystems worked closely with Jersey to adapt the usability of the system to suit a visually impaired user, and delivered the enhancement in a matter of hours and at no additional cost.

“The feedback on the new system has been fantastic,” commented Paul Patterson MBE, Risk Manager for the project.  “Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff now have confidence in the system’s stability and as they get real-time answers to queries, the whole health lifecycle for patients has seen improvements.”

Graham Frost, Group Director and Managing Director, UK Region, at InterSystems added,  “There are very few installations, especially in the healthcare arena, that are truly ‘green field’ in this day and age. It is not always possible in the healthcare industry to simply roll out ‘rip and replace’ strategies as lives are at risk and data is mission-critical and required on demand.  There is no room for error.  The InterSystems team experience is extensive and we know how to work with businesses to remove the risks from  existing systems before a new project is implemented, ensuring an effective delivery the first time, and every time.”

Patterson concluded: “I believe that only InterSystems can offer this level of technology solution combined with true professionalism.  From the beginning of the project to the end, the company was focused on delivering end user satisfaction, rather than just watching the bottom-line which is a refreshing and agreeable change in today’s business environment.  In fact, the results of the project are already so compelling that I will be using it as a key case study example at the upcoming International Business Continuity Symposium 2007 in October in Amsterdam.”


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