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Developers Honored for Breakthrough Applications Built on Ensemble Universal Integration Platform

Cambridge, Mass.—May 18, 2006—InterSystems Corporation today announced the winners of its 2006 Ensemble Innovator Awards competition. The $5000 awards, which were launched this year, recognize original and creative use of InterSystems’ Ensemble universal integration platform in building outstanding new systems.

The world’s leading database provider in healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform. The 2006 Ensemble awards were introduced at InterSystems’ DEVCON 2006 conference.

Jess Thompson, Research Vice President of Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner, Inc. developed the evaluation criteria for the awards and independently judged the entries. He brought to bear more than 25 years of IT industry experience in specifying criteria that included integration complexity, system size, diversity of integration styles, business value, time-to-market and innovation.

FORUM Solutions, headquartered in Indianapolis, received the first place Innovator Award for its TAPS Enterprise Lending application. TAPS is an automated loan origination, decision and application processing system targeted for credit unions and banks. It uses a wide range of Ensemble features to enable rapid tailoring and integration of the application with existing financial systems and third-party applications, and to speed the processing of direct and indirect loan applications. TAPS makes heavy use of Ensemble business rules and business intelligence capability to automate the decision-making process on consumer loan applications that enter TAPS via a Web portal used by auto dealers nationwide, as well as for internal loans. Typical turnaround time for an auto loan decision using Ensemble-based TAPS is seven seconds, providing FORUM Solutions’ clients with major competitive advantages. The award was accepted by Cameron Minges, FORUM Solutions Chief Operating Officer.

Malvern, Penn.-based Maestro Projects Group was named as the second place winner for its Maestro credit union banking services system. Maestro consists of standardized components that can be easily customized, using Ensemble business rules, to meet the requirements of individual credit unions. Ensemble-based Maestro connects a wide range of applications and automates business processes throughout the credit union enterprise, dramatically increasing employee productivity and delivering substantial cost savings. Anne Ballard, Maestro General Manager, and Joe Rizzo, Director, Operations submitted the application and Ballard accepted the award.

In third place was Vimercate Hospital Trust of Milan, Italy, for its Vimercate electronic health record (EHR) application. The Vimercate EHR integrates departmental applications for seven hospitals by pulling and consolidating patient data from existing systems. Additional information streams into the system from smart cards issued to each citizen and from a central data repository for the Lombardy region where member hospitals and clinics are located. Leveraging Ensemble functionality to achieve true enterprise information integration, the Vimercate EHR has enabled measurable error reduction, improved data control and increased productivity throughout the hospital network. Giovanni DelGrossi, Technical Director, accepted the award.

“InterSystems congratulates the winners of the Ensemble Innovator Awards and all of the developers who submitted applications that demonstrated a truly remarkable level of application innovation,” said Trevor Matz, InterSystems Managing Director, Application Integration.

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For over 25 years, InterSystems Corporation has been a technology innovation leader in database and integration software. The CACHÉ post-relational database and Ensemble universal integration platform enable software developers in every industry sector to rapidly create, deploy and integrate high-performance applications. With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has offices in 20 countries serving more than four million users around the world. For more information, visit

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