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With the signing of this alliance, InterSystems continues with its policy of expansion through partners, thus reinforcing its commitment to the distribution channel

Madrid, Spain – January 9, 2002 – After a year of close collaboration, InterSystems, an American database systems supplier, and Investigación y Programas, S.A. IPSA®—have signed a technological collaboration agreement through which IPSA will become a new applications partner of InterSystems. According to the terms of this agreement, IPSA will integrate Caché, the database management system developed by InterSystems, into its document query and storage solution, ATRIL® Explotación. The agreement also establishes cooperation between InterSystems and IPSA for joint development of the integration of Caché with the ATRIL solution for document capturing

The agreement likewise includes a training program for the IPSA development department and maintenance of the Caché platform.

On a daily basis, users of IPSA solutions face the most demanding operating conditions, sometimes processing more than 500,000 documents per day. For situations like this, it is essential to have a solution that provides optimum performance.

InterSystems will benefit from IPSA’s international expansion, especially in Latin America, and from IPSA’s share in its markets that include banking, services, insurance, transportation, public administration, etc.

According to Carlos López, country manager for InterSystems España, “This new alliance is in line with our sales strategy of building our channel with new application partners like IPSA.”

Alejandro Gañán, IPSA’sdirector for development and technology in Spain and Latin America, said, “We have chosen Caché for our systems because of its high performance and optimum response times, two characteristics that are fundamental for our clients and ourselves. Also, the evolution of the product, with which each new version incorporates solutions to problems reported by the users, and InterSystems’ technical assistance, have been key factors in our selection.”

Caché and ATRILâ

Caché, specially developed for those users requiring powerful and scalable database software, is the ideal database management system for e-business environments.

Caché includes a complete e-applications environment based on Caché Server Pages technology that allows development and execution of high-performance dynamic Web applications. It supports complex queries required for e-business environments. Caché offers very powerful search and query functions in on-line database transactional processes. Also, the latest version of Caché supports diverse script-type languages (including Caché Basic) and it contains a gateway for seamless access to existing relational databases such as Oracle or SQL Server. It also includes direct bidirectional connection between Caché and XML objects.

ATRIL products allow massive document processing through the use of image technology. The Capture products allow document processing (ATRIL Formularios, ATRIL Cheque, ATRIL Básico), while the Exploitation products carry out exploitation of the resulting data and image repository (ATRIL Explotación Web, ATRIL Explotación Local).

ATRIL products incorporate IPSA’s own technology: digitalization (from scanners, reader/sorters, self-services); optical recognition (of formats, characters, cells, bar codes, etc.); optimized storage based on images, production workflow, distribution of processes, balancing and crosscheck systems, importing and exporting of data and images in standard formats, production and user statistics, etc. The Exploitation products allow access to data and images, either locally or through networks (Intranet/Internet), using HTML browsers.

Investigación y Programas, S.A. (IPSA®) is a leading Spanish company in solutions for massive document processing through image technology, with representation in the main Latin American countries. IPSA’s ATRIL® solutions for capturing, storing, and querying data and images reduce the transformation costs, insuring important efficiency in their business processes and a quick return on their investment.

InterSystems has its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With over four million database licenses worldwide, InterSystems is a leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications. Caché is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast and massively scalable objects and SQL. Caché features breakthrough rapid development technology for building e-applications. Caché runs on Windows, OpenVMS, LINUX, and all major UNIX platforms.

Trademark Notes:  Caché is a trademark of InterSystems Corporation.  Other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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