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Rose Integration Enhances Development ofComplex TP Applications withCaché Post-Relational Database

CAMBRIDGE, MA— May 27, 1998—InterSystems Corporation today announced the development of the Rose Caché Link, connecting InterSystems’ Caché database with Rational Software Corporation’s Rational Rose visual modeling tool. With the Rose Caché Link, developers can visually model Caché applications with Rational Rose before development begins, and then directly generate Caché class definitions. For complete round trip engineering support, the Rose Caché Link also enables reverse engineering of Caché class schemas into Rational Rose models for analysis, design and display.

Simultaneously, InterSystems announced that it has joined Rational Software Corporation’s RoseLink Partners Program. As a RoseLink Partner, InterSystems will carry out joint technical, marketing and sales activities with Rational to foster the use of Caché and Rational Rose worldwide. Through these activities, InterSystems continues to enhance its commitment to object-oriented development by tightly coupling Caché with leading object-oriented tools.

Caché is a post-relational DBMS with advanced object technology that is optimized for high-performance transactional systems. Rational Rose is an award-winning graphical component modeling and development tool that enables organizations both to model software applications that meet current business needs and to evolve them easily as new requirements emerge. Rational Rose provides the functionality to allow developers to model or visualize an entire application at the start of a development project through the use of the industry-standard Unified Modeling Language (UML).

“Integrating Rational Rose with Caché enables our users to create an up-front blueprint of their application before development begins,” says Paul Grabscheid, vice president of strategic planning. “Given the scope and complexity of the enterprise TP applications that they build and deploy, this process-oriented approach can save developers enormous headaches later in the development process,” continues Grabscheid.

“Modeling with Rational Rose will be a key enhancement to building Caché applications by providing a flexible, open modeling tool that can adapt to an organization’s existing and evolving development requirements,” said Kevin Kernan, vice president of partner marketing for Rational Software. “The integration of Rational Rose provides enhanced benefits to both new and existing Caché customers due to Rose Caché Link’s ability to enable reverse engineering of existing Caché class schemas into Rational Rose models for analysis, design and display,” continues Kernan.

The Rose Caché Link is included with Caché at no charge. The Caché database management system is offered in five configurations ranging from Caché PC for standalone, single-user systems, to Caché Enterprise for large configurations. Prices range from $125 to $1,000 per concurrent user. Caché runs on Windows 95, Windows NT, Digital OpenVMS, and multiple UNIX platforms including IBM AIX, Hewlett-Packard HP-UX, Digital UNIX, and Sun Solaris.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation is the leading worldwide provider of high performance post-relational database systems optimized for transaction processing applications, with over two million users worldwide. Caché uniquely features advanced object functionality integrated with a transactional multidimensional data model for high performance, scalability, and reliability in Web and other network-centric environments.

About Rational

Rational Software (NASDAQ: RATL) is the leading provider of products and services that help companies develop software effectively. Only Rational unifies best-in-class products with services to enable customers to automate the use of industry best practices for developing mission-critical software. Rational’s solution, which spans the critical activities of requirements management, visual modeling, testing, configuration management, and change management, improves the productivity of development teams and individuals and complements the major development languages and tools on Windows and UNIX platforms. For more information, visit Rational’s Web site at

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