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InterSystems IRIS® Data Platform outperforms other popular databases in speed test validated by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 20, 2020InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, announced the public availability of a speed test of its flagship InterSystems IRIS® data platform. The test, a customizable transactional-analytic application measuring concurrent real-time ingest and query performance, enables visitors to easily run and compare InterSystems IRIS and other leading database management systems (DBMS) vendors on premises and on the AWS cloud.

Enterprise Strategy Group has validated the soundness and fairness of the tests and results, which measure the performance metrics of InterSystems IRIS against other popular databases for both transactional and analytical performance: number of records ingested, data ingestion rates, ingestion consistency over time, number of records queried, and query response time for each database. Results published by ESG show InterSystems IRIS outperforming a number of other popular databases.

InterSystems wants users to prove the results for themselves. The open source speed test is customizable, enabling users to easily modify the test data and queries to more closely test their own requirements, run the tests for themselves using InterSystems IRIS and other leading vendors, and compare the results.

“To accommodate the demands of today’s digital economy, organizations need a data management solution that accommodates rapid data ingestion while querying data in real-time – at scale and without sacrificing performance,” said Jeff Fried, director of product management for InterSystems. “Databases can suffer from performance problems at heavy load; the pressures of today’s business environment make this unacceptable. By putting this speed test directly in the hands of developers, InterSystems is helping them choose the right solution for their high performance real-time applications without compromising on other mission-critical needs including scalability, reliability, and total cost of ownership.”

InterSystems IRIS is a high-performance data platform that can easily handle the workload stress that modern applications demand. The documented results from the ESG evaluation were based on testing in a controlled environment; however, the speed test can be easily adapted to other configurations to allow developers to simulate their own environment, data, and queries.

The results of InterSystems speed test will be presented during a webinar with Mike Leone, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group on August 5 at 9:30 AM EDT.

For more information on the speed test results, and to test the benchmark, please visit:

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