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InterSystems empowers organizations to more quickly and easily develop and deploy machine learning-powered applications in China’s leading cloud provider

Beijing, China, April 23 2020InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve the most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, announced today that the InterSystems IRIS® data platform now supports Tencent Cloud. For the first time, developers can access and configure TenCent Cloud resources and storage directly through InterSystems IRIS Cloud Manager (ICM) for “one-click” deployment. This empowers organizations to accelerate the deployment of applications in the cloud, while reducing deployment and management costs.

As more organizations move and build applications in the cloud, they are often challenged with lengthy, resource-intensive migrations and inefficient deployment and management processes across software environments. In order to power DevOps strategies with continuous software integration and delivery, organizations must rely on the agility and scalability of the cloud to reduce limitations related to library dependencies, systems migrations and manual upgrades.

Available with the InterSystems IRIS data platform, InterSystems ICM simplifies the deployment of applications in TenCent and other public cloud platforms. By eliminating manual configuration requirements, developers can more rapidly deploy cloud-based applications, utilize containers, and manage large-scale data sharded clusters and high-availability clusters, accelerating digital transformation journeys.

“The InterSystems IRIS data platform now provides enterprise organizations with ‘one-click’ deployment support for the world’s top five cloud providers,” said Luciano Brustia, Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific, InterSystems. “By enabling developers to harness the power of InterSystems IRIS and the TenCent Cloud platform, our customers and partners can streamline and accelerate their path to the cloud, fueling digital transformations. We continue to provide organizations across the globe with the flexibility to deploy InterSystems IRIS-powered applications on the cloud platform of their choice, driving improved operations for critical processes in healthcare, business and government.”

InterSystems IRIS is a unified data platform that enables organizations to solve their most critical interoperability, scalability, and speed problems. The platform integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures to support the widest range of customer environments and application requirements, as well as offering automated deployment options for the public cloud (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, AliCloud, TenCent Cloud, or Google Cloud Platform), private cloud, on premise, bare metal, and virtual machine deployments and updates. With IntegratedML, InterSystems IRIS enables developers to quickly, intuitively, and scalably create and embed machine learning (ML) algorithms into sophisticated applications

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