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InterSystems Honors Winners Of 2008 Innovator Awards

Cambridge Mass. —April 28, 2008—InterSystems Corporation today announced the winners of its 2008 Innovator Awards competition. The awards recognize creativity and innovation in developing new applications based on InterSystems’ database and integration software product family. Award submissions came from 19 countries, reflecting InterSystems’ international market penetration. The Innovator Award entries were independently judged by a panel of industry experts.

InterSystems develops and markets innovative database and integration software. Its product line includes the InterSystems CACHÉ® high-performance object database,  InterSystems HealthShare platform for regional and national EHRs.  and InterSystems Ensemble® rapid integration platform. Ensemble has been ranked number one for interface engines for the last two years by KLAS, a leader in technology research.

Innovative Application Winners

The first-place Innovator Award went to CSC Computer Sciences ( in The Netherlands for the National Healthcare Information Hub. The system is the heart of the healthcare IT infrastructure in The Netherlands known as Aorta. Developed by CSC to enable the secure nationwide electronic exchange of patient information, the system will eventually provide secure access to patient data for appropriate healthcare professionals throughout The Netherlands. The result will be a drastic reduction in medication mistakes and a significant increase in quality care delivery. Ensemble’s built-in XML/SOAP interface, support for HL7v3 standards, extremely high performance and massive scalability were key to the project’s success. In addition, CSC leveraged the Zen technology provided by InterSystems CACHÉ to rapidly build prototypes for a patient portal that is critical to determining patient information needs. By 3Q08, it is estimated that the system will be ready to support about 3,000 connected systems, 25 interconnected networks, and more than 4.3 billion messages annually.

Forerun, Inc., in Waltham, Mass. (, won the second-place InterSystems Innovator Award for its EDDashboard, an advanced Emergency Department (ED) information system that aggregates and screens clinical data on a real-time basis so as to provide continuously updated, clinically rich information that allows for faster and safer care, increased patient satisfaction, and improved compliance with The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and other unfunded safety mandates. The application interfaces with a hospital’s clinical information system to extract many types of information including admission, discharge and transfer elements as well as laboratory and diagnostic imaging studies. Patient tracking, clinical decision support and point-of-care knowledge resources are integrated and accessible via an intuitive interface. Ensemble’s rapid integration and support of rapid response time as well as the ability of CACHÉ to enable rapid prototyping and support an SOA model are especially critical to the EDDashboard’s success. Forerun has implemented the EDDashboard in several hospitals in New England and New York and is now offering the application to healthcare providers throughout the U.S.

Winner of the third-place InterSystems Innovator Award was ForHealth Technologies, Inc. ( in Daytona Beach, Fla. ForHealth’s entry was Ensemble-based IntelliFlowRx. A composite workflow application, IntelliFlowRx manages workflow in the I.V. room—an area where virtually all processes have been manual until now. Developers employed an SOA approach and used the embedded web services capabilities of Ensemble to rapidly build the breakthrough enterprise-scale system. IntelliFlowRx eliminates the high volume of paper labels used in the current manual approach, provides greater visibility through every I.V. room process, uses barcode verification to prevent the possibility of adverse drug events caused by dispensing errors and improves the overall quality of life for the I.V. room staff. The first hospitals to use IntelliFlowRx on a production basis went live in 1Q08. Demand from hospital pharmacies for the product has been exceptionally high and plans are to mount an aggressive national rollout throughout this year.

InterSystems’ Humanitarian Innovator Award recognizes an application with the potential to do the most for those in greatest need. The winner was Lunar Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With funding from the Austrian and Swiss Red Cross and using guidelines provided by the World Health Organization, the Lunar Technologies team developed a CACHÉ-based system to enable the rapid notification of infectious cases that is essential to prevent outbreaks of disease in Sri Lanka. The system also automates and improves the production of health statistics in hospital patients—information that is essential for national and international health policy. The ease of use, cost-effectiveness and overall reliability of CACHÉ were essential to the successful deployment of the system in a developing country. The system is now running on a production basis in one district and will be deployed in other districts in Sri Lanka as rapidly as possible.

The Student Innovator Award went to a team from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute for a software configuration management (SCM) application called SteadySCM. Built on CACHÉ, the application addresses issues such as preserving data integrity, data duplication, project management conflicts and support of stable base code that are typically found when a team of developers are working on a single project. The student team leveraged the advanced features of the CACHÉ Studio development environment to create a solution that simultaneously minimizes development time while elevating software quality.

“As always, it’s a privilege to recognize the outstandingly creative development initiatives of our customers worldwide,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning.

About InterSystems

InterSystems Corporation is a global software product company with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 22 countries. InterSystems provides innovative products that enable fast development, deployment, and integration of enterprise-class applications. InterSystems CACHÉ® is a high performance object database that makes applications faster and more scalable. InterSystems Ensemble® is a rapid integration platform that enriches applications with new functionality, and makes them connectable. InterSystems HealthShare is a platform that leverages existing healthcare applications to rapidly create regional or national electronic health records. For more information, visit

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