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Navantia, Spectrum Health and DTI Cited for Creative Use of InterSystems Object Database, Integration and Web Technologies

Cambridge, Mass.—May 28, 2010— Three companies that built and deployed breakthrough applications based on advanced software technologies from InterSystems Corporation, in industries ranging from military shipbuilding to healthcare to online media, have received 2010 InterSystems “Innovator Awards”.

Navantia, Spectrum Health, and Digital Technologies International (DTI) were honored at the InterSystems DEVCON 2010 customer conference for innovative solutions that utilize one or more of InterSystems’ software products.  The three winners were selected from a broad field of entries submitted by developers from 15 countries.  The submissions were judged by an independent panel of information technology industry experts.  This is the 12th consecutive year that InterSystems has honored leading application developers with Innovator Awards.

First Place: Navantia, for “Complex”

First prize in the 2010 Innovator Awards was awarded to Navantia, a leading military shipbuilding company based in Spain, for an advanced ship management system called COMPLEX.  Based on the InterSystems CACHÉ® high performance object database, COMPLEX enables integration of standard functions like ship control and monitoring with other advanced capabilities – damage control, maintenance, on-board training and more – in part by extracting information from the shipyard’s design and construction data (contained in drawings, specs and spreadsheets) to enhance the onboard operational systems.  “CACHÉ is by far the most significant enabling core technology in COMPLEX, and the ideal database platform to achieve all our present and future requirements,” Juan Luis Muñoz, Technical Director at Navantia’s Control Systems Department, said.

Second Place: Spectrum Health, for “mySpectrum”

Second prize went to Spectrum Health, a not-for-profit integrated health system in western Michigan, for its new mySpectrum patient portal.  mySpectrum provides patients with Web-based access to their medical records.  InterSystems Ensemble® enables the data aggregation and gathering of patient information across the Spectrum Health system for delivery to the portal.  “mySpectrum provides patients with easy access to a wealth of health care information, enabling patients to partner with their physicians to make health care decisions,” said Kim Gordon, manager of technology and information solutions at Spectrum Health.  “It will set Spectrum Health apart from other organizations in our region, and will increase patient loyalty and satisfaction.”

Third Place: DTI, for “AudienceReach”

Third prize was awarded to DTI, a Utah-based software company that serves the newspaper industry, for an application called AudienceReach.  AudienceReach is a behavioral targeting software solution that enables news media organizations to better know their audience in order to deliver more personalized news content and higher-value targeted advertising online.  Built exclusively on InterSystems technology – the CACHÉ  object database, Ensemble rapid integration platform and Zen (InterSystems’ framework for rapidly creating complex, data-rich Web applications) – AudienceReach provides publishers with tools to automate the collection, dissection, analysis and use of audience data down to the individual level, in much the same way as human genome analysis.  “AudienceReach addresses the core business challenges of news media companies: falling advertising revenue and declining readership,” Steve Nilan, DTI’s vice president of marketing, said.

“While the industries and applications represented by this year’s Innovator Award winners vary widely, what is consistent across the board is the strategic value each winning application provides to its users, and the innovative use of InterSystems’ products and technologies by each company,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems’ vice president of strategic planning.  “Our technology enables cutting-edge applications that make a real difference to the organizations and people that use them.”

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