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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—May 3, 2012— InterSystems Corporation, a global provider of advanced software technologies, today announced the winner of its fourth Globals Challenge contest for application developers of breakthrough applications.

The Globals Challenge competition was created with the objective of encouraging and supporting innovation using the InterSystems Globals database technology.  Globals is a fast, easy-to-use and highly flexible database that is the proven technology underlying thousands of applications deployed on InterSystems’ products.

Globals Challenge Number Four required entrants to build a software solution that solves a problem, meets a current market need or creates a new market by innovative use of data. The new application could be for any industry and could be either commercially focused or designed for open source use. Developers had the option of using at least one Globals application program interface, leveraging any of the Globals-based applications submitted in previous Globals Challenges, or doing both.

William Cheung, a software consultant based in Toronto, Canada, won the $3,500 Challenge prize for building a desktop application called the Globals Big Geospatial Data MapReducer (GGSMR). He used the application to map, or reduce 5.2 million ocean carbon dioxide (CO2) data points over the time period 1957-2011 and displayed the results in a Web-based system called Globals for the Environment. Now a two-time Globals Challenge winner, Cheung works on a contract basis for iRise, which provides enterprise visualization software for business applications.

“William’s winning application illustrates the power of the extremely efficient data store that is Globals,” said Robert Nagle, InterSystems Vice President of Software Development. “The exposed interfaces provide access to the multidimensional structures – providing the highest performance and greatest versatility of storage possibilities. So it is ‘fast for development’ and ‘fast in runtime’ as shown by William’s quick work and his large data volumes.”

“Winning applications are donated to the Globals community as a condition of entering the Globals Challenge,” Nagle continued. “We hope that this growing body of innovative work will encourage peer interaction at and help drive an ongoing stream of creative initiatives within the application development community.”

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