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New REhabilitation Registration and Management System Goes Live at Sant Jaume Hospital in Calella

Madrid, Spain – November 5, 2001 – Sant Jaume Hospital in Calella, part of “LaCorporacio de Salut” of the Maresme, has installed theTsSis GesDoc and rehabilitationmodules, two solutions that have been developed by SISinf. The two solutionsare specially designed for document and administration management, and both arebased on InterSystems’ Caché.

According to Domingo Barrabés, computer director of Sant Jaume Hospital, “The deployment of this new management system allows our physicians to query the history of a patient in text format such as pathological anatomy or diagnosis. Caché has facilitated our migration to a modern client/server environment without the need for rewriting the data, thus allowing us to deploy these solutions in record time.”

With the deployment of these two applications Sant Jaume Hospital has become a pioneer within “Corporaci” in the evolution towards new Web technologies within a client/server environment.

SISinf-GesDoc (document management) allows the integration of the Caché database with office applications, and its deployment is the first step needed to take in achieving the computerization of a patient’s clinical history. Hospital personnel can fill in registration reports and monitor patients’ rehabilitation progress over the Internet. GesDoc allows the integration of all types of files that can be handled with standard software: documents, images, etc.

The rehabilitation module is included in SISinf-TeSis (integrated management system for health information) and allows the management of patients. This application fully integrates with character-based legacy applications, and is the first application that was migrated from a character environment to a visual one. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve total migration of the hospital’s applications to a visual environment, maintaining current functionality and ensuring that the migration does not cause any detriments to the hospital managers, or any traumatic experiences to the patients.

Caché, the technological platform

Caché provides the necessary tools for the rapid development of Web and client/server applications oriented to transactional processes. Caché is specially characterized by its high performance and scalability. It also includes development tools, programming languages, data access methods, and capacities and functions included in a database software that turn Caché into the most useful and efficient technology for fast development and deployment of Web applications.

Caché includes its own language for the development of dynamic Web pages called Caché Server Pages, integrating HTML and XML. The language has been developed for designing and building e-commerce sites. It supports third-party standards such as ODBC and JDBC. Caché includes an IDE called “Object Architect” that helps developers in the creation of persistent or embedded objects. Java files may also be generated. Also, Caché includes an SQL Manager for accessing tables and for executing any type of SQL sentences.

InterSystems’ headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With over three million users worldwide, InterSystems is a leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications. Caché is a post-relational database that includes an application and multidimensional data server that provides ultra-fast access to objects and SQL, as well as massive scalability for tens of thousands of concurrent users.

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