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Developers from Three Countries Honored For Breakthrough Systems Built on CACHÉ Post-Relational Database

Cambridge, Mass.—May 9, 2006—InterSystems Corporation today announced the winners of its annual CACHÉ Innovator Awards competition for 2006. The $5000 awards honor the use of InterSystems’ CACHÉ post-relational database technology in creating new and unique systems.

InterSystems, a leading database provider in healthcare, develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform. The 2006 awards, which were presented at InterSystems’ DEVCON 2006 conference, drew entries from 15 countries on six continents, highlighting the worldwide reach and use of CACHÉ. Entries ranged from utility power distribution system modeling, to healthcare information systems to a military war-game/decision-making simulation.

The submissions were independently reviewed and judged by Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, from IDC, a leading technology market research firm in Framingham, Mass. Olofson, with more than two decades of IT experience, selected the winning entries based on criteria that included general innovation as well as the breadth and depth of CACHÉ technology utilization within the submitted applications. “Choosing the best of the best from the variety of truly innovative systems submitted for these awards becomes more difficult every year,” said Olofson.

Top honors went to GBO Ltda, of Chile, for SETAC4W, a web-based tactical war simulator. The system provides the infrastructure to develop computerized war games in a specific geography, and serves as a training and support tool testing the decision-making that takes place in a military conflict. SETAC4W models combat units that behave and interact with an enemy and the environment, taking into account factors such as terrain and weather. Already in use by the military, the CACHÉ RAD environment made it possible for SETAC4W to be built in one-third of the time required to develop the legacy system it replaced. CACHÉ also provides a high capability for easy integration with other systems which wasn’t possible with the relational technology used previously. The award was accepted by José M. Robles, CEO of GBO.

Ntree Europa, srl, of Italy received the second place award for its NPLAN data viewing and management software tool. NPLAN leverages powerful CACHÉ object technology to enable managing and interactively browsing interrelated multidimensional data, and building applications based on that information. NPLAN can be used to develop a wide variety of applications including facility management, real estate, building and plant maintenance and geographic information systems. Massimo Sebastiani, General Manager of Ntree Europa submitted the Innovator Award nomination.

Winning the third place Innovator Award was Florida Department of Health (DOH) for a new Health Management System (HMS) that integrates patient records, test results, and public health data into a single network of systems deployed in county health departments throughout Florida. The application uses CACHÉ XML and object technology to share information, including geographic and immunization data, at community, county, state and federal levels. HMS also provides immediate electronic notification of positive test results to help prevent spread of disease. Brant Miller, a Systems Project Consultant for the Florida DOH, accepted the award on behalf of DOH Data Processing Manager Tom Fitzgerald, who submitted the award application.

“It’s exciting to see developers taking advantage of CACHÉ technologies to build breakthrough software applications in multiple industry sectors,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning. “We congratulate the CACHÉ Innovator Award winners and want to thank every developer who participated in this year’s competition.”

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