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Baltimore, Md.—May 22, 2006—InterSystems Corporation and Initiate Systems, Inc. today announced that Initiate™ enterprise master patient index (EMPI) software will link to the InterSystems HealthShare health information exchange (HIE) platform. The technology partnership announcement was made in conjunction with the introduction of HealthShare at the TEPR conference in Baltimore.

The leading database provider in healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and Ensemble rapid integration software. Initiate Systems develops and markets Initiate Identity Hub™ software, a highly accurate, scalable and rapidly implemented EMPI solution available for healthcare providers, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and regional health information organizations (RHIOs), that want to create complete, real-time views of data dispersed across multiple facilities, application systems and databases.

HealthShare combines top-tier development and integration with standards-based, healthcare-exchange-specific functionality. The partnership to tightly link Initiate Identity Hub™ software with HealthShare targets U.S. RHIOs and other HIE groups as well as electronic health record (EHR) initiatives worldwide.

“Providing accurate patient identification across complex RHIOs and other clinical data exchange networks now forming throughout the country and internationally is a critical requirement for patient safety and quality healthcare delivery,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning. “The Initiate Identity Hub™ EMPI solution has been deployed in healthcare organizations nationwide. It’s a proven product that provides a solid foundation for EHR implementations and fulfills RHIO requirements for highly accurate patient identification and interoperability.

“InterSystems appreciates the opportunity to partner with Initiate in delivering a pre-integrated and proven solution set for building HIE networks to the global healthcare market,” Grabscheid said.

“This partnership joins two leading healthcare technology innovators to provide an extremely accurate, proven and high performance solution that delivers a rapid return on investment by enabling interoperability and dramatically reducing development and deployment times,” said Mark Battaglia, Senior Vice President Business Development and International Operations, Initiate Systems. “The pre-built, highly scalable and federated HIE solution is ideal for even the largest RHIO and IDN networks where data needs to be shared with governance, and additional sources and users, including consumers, are added over time. We are pleased to partner with InterSystems to offer the optimal clinical data exchange solution needed to support quality care delivery across the healthcare continuum.”

About InterSystems

For over 25 years, InterSystems Corporation has been a technology innovation leader in database and integration software. The CACHÉ post-relational database, Ensemble rapid integration software and HealthShare health information exchange platform enable developers to quickly create, deploy and integrate high-performance systems. With world headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has offices in 20 countries and provides support to customers in 88 countries.

InterSystems is a leader in integration technology and the world’s #1 database provider in healthcare, with its products used by most major hospitals and labs, including America’s 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report. For more information, visit

About Initiate Systems

Initiate Systems, Inc., is the leading provider of software for companies, organizations and government agencies that want to create the most complete, real-time views of people, households and organizations from data dispersed across multiple application systems and databases. Initiate Identity Hub™ software is more accurate, scalable, rapidly deployed and widely used than any other customer data integration and enterprise master person index solution. Many organizations in the financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors are using Initiate™ software to deliver the right data at the right time to all critical touch points. Initiate Systems’ proven experience makes it uniquely qualified to enable strategic initiatives that allow organizations to increase revenue and efficiency, and reduce operating costs and risks. In-Q-Tel, a private venture group established by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to deliver solutions to the CIA and the broader intelligence community, led Initiate’s recent Series E financing round, with participation by existing investors, Sigma Partners and Apex Partners.

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