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Baltimore, Md.—May 22, 2006—InterSystems Corporation and Health Language, Inc. (HLI) today announced a technology partnership to link HLI’s Language Engine™ (LE™) technology software as a service in InterSystems’ HealthShare health information exchange platform (HIE). The announcement accompanied the introduction of HealthShare at the TEPR conference in Baltimore.

The leading database provider in healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and Ensemble rapid integration software. HLI is a leading provider of software that automates the incorporation of medical vocabulary and coding standards in healthcare information technology applications.

HealthShare combines top-tier development and integration technology with standards-based, healthcare-exchange-specific functionality. The link with HLI’s LE solution makes it possible to harmonize local, proprietary and legacy data with universally accepted terminology standards and to provide a single environment for managing all of an organization’s medical vocabularies.

Supporting a variety of standard terminology sets including SNOMED CT, ICD 9/10, CPT and LOINC, LE provides the ability to translate legacy codes into HIPAA-compliant billing and clinical information standards as well as ensure security, data integrity and terminology version control.

“Delivering standards-based terminology consistency across a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) is essential for successful clinical data exchange,” said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning. “It addresses risk management issues by making patient care more consistent and is key to eliminating the errors and ambiguity that often occur in clinical documentation. By providing a single source of medical vocabularies that are rapidly updated based on input from standards bodies, the LE enables healthcare applications to reference the latest terminology versions and make the most effective use of clinical information.”

“The partnership of InterSystems and HLI and the combination of HealthShare and LE offer highly developed application integration and interoperability, resulting in maximum return on IT investments for healthcare organizations around the world,” said George Schwend, President and CEO, HLI.

Bill Scott, HLI Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development added, “Globally, we are seeing government and public initiatives mandating or recommending standardization throughout the healthcare marketplace. InterSystems and HLI are collaborating to offer a solution to meet this growing need.”

About InterSystems

For over 25 years, InterSystems Corporation has been a technology innovation leader in database and integration software. The CACHÉ post-relational database, Ensemble rapid integration software and HealthShare health information exchange platform enable developers to quickly create, deploy and integrate high-performance systems. With world headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has offices in 20 countries and provides support to customers in 88 countries.

InterSystems is a leader in integration technology and the world’s #1 database provider in healthcare, with its products used by most major hospitals and labs, including America’s 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report. For more information, visit

About Health Language, Inc.

Health Language, Inc. serves the worldwide healthcare industry in the development and delivery of software that automates the incorporation of medical vocabulary and coding standards into HCIT applications. Our flagship product, LE™, allows centralized access to various medical terminology standards and mappings between them, to create a common pool of standardized, codified “medical concepts” with the ability to relate to proprietary coding schemes and medical taxonomies. Our software aids in the processes of: reducing patient errors and enhancing patient safety; reducing clerical and clinical staff required to implement, maintain and update healthcare code sets and terminology standards; real outcomes analysis; improving the applicability of reimbursement filings and, thus potentially the speed of the reimbursement; and enhancing HCIT interoperability. Health Language, Inc. is based in Aurora, Colorado, USA. Further information on Health Language, Inc. is available at or by calling 303-307-4400.

Health Language, We Speak the Language of Healthcare, Language Engine, and LE are trademarks of Health Language, Inc.

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