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New InterSystems VAR Delivers Internet Classifieds

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 19, 1999 – InterSystems Corporation today announced a partnership with, a leading developer in the creation of Internet-based real estate sales information interfaces for local newspapers. Located in Portland, Oregon, is integrating InterSystems’ Caché post-relational DBMS with Caché WebLink into its HomeSeller application, the first in a series of e-business software products that provide local newspapers with the means to offer local classified-type listings over the Internet.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems is the market leader in high performance database systems for complex transaction processing applications running in Web and client/server environments. is using Caché as the integrated database engine for HomeSeller, an application that offers listings on homes searchable by a wide variety of variables. Unlike national Web property listings, HomeSeller makes it possible to quickly drill down to information on local and neighborhood-specific locations—a key differentiator in the real estate industry. Additionally, HomeSeller licensees can update their listings through a simple visual interface designed for fast response to local market changes. Further e-commerce software products in other newspaper classified-related categories, such as resort properties and automobiles for sale, are currently in development.

“Caché gives us the scalability and speed we have been looking for since we began development of this project,” says John Bertoligio, CIO of “Plus, Caché object technology is now enabling us to take our initial HomeSeller application and leverage it into other products to get new applications to market very rapidly.”

Caché WebLink and Caché WebLink Developer, web development tools included in the Caché database, played an integral role in’s selection of the InterSystems solution.

“Unlike other web-enabled databases, Caché, with Caché WebLink and Caché WebLink Developer, is a real production application that offers support and development tools. With InterSystems’ Caché WebLink and Caché WebLink Developer, no one else can offer the functionality and speed of development of the interface and initial programming on a database-driven site,” says Bertoligio. “To my knowledge, Caché is the only web-enabled, object-oriented database that offers this combination of functionality, high speed and scalability.” is one of many innovative Web-based businesses turning to Caché as the database engine behind a variety of online applications, notes Paul Grabscheid, vice president of strategic planning at InterSystems. “Caché is optimized for high-performance Web transaction processing. This gives InterSystems the chance to partner with a growing group of companies like—the new e-commerce movers in the Internet economy.”

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high performance database systems, with over two million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data server. Offering ultra-fast SQL and advanced object architecture, Caché delivers breakthrough time-to-market technology for massively scalable Web and client-server applications.


Located in Portland, Oregon, ( builds e-commerce software for use by local newspapers and other organizations in offering local sales data via the Internet.’s premier product is HomeSeller, an interactive home listings guide available to local papers that provides searchability by a wide range of variables and offers licensees the opportunity to easily add and modify listings without any programming skills. More than 60 local newspapers have integrated HomeSeller with their Internet offerings.

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