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InterSystems Ensemble® links nine systems with data from the Trust Patient Administration System

Eton, UK—19 October 2009—InterSystems Corporation today announced that the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has linked nine of its applications, including its Electronic Discharge Summary and Theatre systems, with data from its Patient Administration System using the InterSystems Ensemble® integration platform. Two of these communicate directly with the new integration platform; the other seven are linked to it via an intermediate patient database. This project was achieved in just three months. Ensemble was selected following a competitive tender.

According to Alistair Dewar, the Software Development Team Leader at the Trust, “We chose Ensemble because it was easy to use and we liked the fact that it came with a full HL7 schema. This meant it could support HL7 ‘straight out of the box.’ We also liked the performance of the database technology that is integral to Ensemble, as we found this to be much faster than other databases that we have used. Furthermore, every time we use Ensemble to create a new interface in the future, we can re-use existing translations, business logic and business processes we have embedded within it, making it very cost-effective.”

The development of the required interfaces was undertaken by Restart Consulting, an InterSystems Ensemble Implementation Partner that is highly experienced in integration projects within the healthcare sector. As part of its support, Restart ran an ‘Integration Workshop’ and will be providing on-going mentoring of Trust IT staff.

Phil Birchall, head of healthcare business development for InterSystems UK, said. “We are delighted that the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has adopted and used Ensemble so successfully in association with Restart. In addition, it is good to know that when they need additional support, it can be supplied by Restart, a very experienced healthcare integration specialist.”

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