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Leveraging Internet, Object Technologies for New-Generation Patient Administration System

CAMBRIDGE, MA – February 22, 1999 –InterSystems Corporation today announced that G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital has gone live with a Web-accessible system that may set new standards for patient administration in healthcare. The Intranet application was spotlighted by InterSystems this week at the HIMSS ’99 conference and exposition in Atlanta.

Headquartered in Cambridge, InterSystems is the market leader in high performance database systems for transaction processing applications. G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital, located in Arcadia, FL, serves approximately 450 patients. The hospital’s IS group, headed by CIO Glenn Palmiere, combines the object and WebLink technologies in InterSystems’ Caché post-relational database to build a new-generation patient administration application.

“The application system manages admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) of patients.” These are gateway processes that affect every client we serve,” explains CIO Palmiere. “It provides the infrastructure for key operations throughout the patient’s stay, from collecting basic demographics and setting up the clinical patient record at admission through discharge information gathering when the patient leaves us. It’s the core component of the hospital’s entire system.”

Information entry to the ADT Intranet is via Web browsers on any of several hundred PC clients in the hospital’s enterprise-wide client/server network. “Clinicians and administrative staff like the convenience of working on the Web. In addition, deployment is easy and fast because using a Web browser eliminates the configuration complexities that can make client/server implementation a deployment nightmare,” says Palmiere.

Equally key are the productivity and flexibility that come from using Caché object technology components to build and maintain the application. “By using Caché Objects we’ve cut the time required to generate reports using information from the ADT by 50%.”

“We’ve also been able to provide information users with flexible access to the ADT information through a variety of interfaces including Java and HTML front-ends. Additionally, we’re expecting productivity to increase on future IT initiatives because we’ll have the ability to reuse methods and procedures that we created during this initial object-oriented development project,” he says.

The IS organization at G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital is becoming recognized nationally for their fast and successful adoption of leading-edge technologies, according to Paul Grabscheid, vice president of strategic planning at InterSystems. “They received a 1998 Innovator Award from Application Development Trends magazine and were recognized in the 1998 InfoWorld 100 for a transaction processing application that tracks every meal served to every patient,” he notes. “Now, they’re leading the way with putting object technology to practical use. We appreciate the chance to work with an organization that specializes in creating ways to make the most of information technology in the healthcare arena.”

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Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high performance database systems, with over two million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data server. Offering ultra-fast SQL and advanced object architecture, Caché delivers breakthrough time-to-market technology for massively scalable Web and client-server applications. All of the hospitals ranked in the top 10 in U. S. News & World Report magazine’s 1998 annual hospital survey use InterSystems database technology.

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