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Automatic notification application for tissue donation is one of over 15 connected health care applications built on Ensemble by Mater’s IT Integration Team

BRISBANE, Australia – February 1, 2011 — InterSystems Corporation today announced that Mater Health Services, which operates a group of seven Queensland hospitals, has doubled the number of eye tissue donations after implementing a new application built on InterSystems Ensemble® software.

Ensemble, a seamless platform for integration and the development of connected applications, links over 95 clinical and patient administration systems to execute Mater’s vision for a single electronic patient record. Ensemble also provides message translation for the HL7 health care interoperability standard and permanently stores the majority of the HL7 messages generated by Mater’s connected systems.

The automatic notification application for eye tissue donation – one of over 15 connected health care applications built with Ensemble by Mater Health Services – was developed to increase the notification rate of patient deaths to the tissue banks, with the aim of optimising donor numbers.

The Ensemble-based application monitors HL7 messages captured by the electronic patient record from Mater’s patient administration system. When the death of a potential donor inpatient is registered, it automatically generates a secure email which is converted into a generic SMS message and sent to Queensland Health which notifies the tissue banks.

Mater Health Services introduced the new application at Mater Adult Hospital (MAH) in March, achieving 94 per cent report rate in the first three months of operation. Mater Private Hospital Brisbane (MPHB) followed in July, becoming the first private hospital in Australia to introduce automatic notifications.

The Ensemble-based application has increased the notification rate from 25 per cent to nearly 92  per cent and led to an increase in donor numbers in the last six months, therefore increasing the number of recipients receiving sight-saving transplants.

Total tissue donor numbers doubled in 2010 compared with 2009.

“Through this technology, we can ensure that the family of every medically suitable Mater Adult Hospital or Mater Private Hospital Brisbane patient is given the opportunity to decide to donate should that be their wish or the desire of their loved one,” Mater Health Services Chief Information Officer, Mal Thatcher said.

Mater has developed more than 15 connected health care applications using InterSystems Ensemble as the data and integration layer. These include applications for data quality checking, discharge summaries, outpatient appointments and a test results acknowledgement system, with work for a new GP portal currently under way.

“Ensemble is an advanced software technology that has given us the ability to extract data from a whole range of different systems and display it as if it were coming from one,” Mater Health Services Integration Specialist, Andy Richards said.

Ensemble is also a development platform for the rapid creation of new connectable functionality. The Ensemble-based outpatient appointments application, for example, consolidates appointments data from separate systems for allied health, private clinics and public clinics.

“By developing in Ensemble and utilising the hooks into those other systems we were able to develop one application for all three systems,” Mr Richards said. “Should we bring in a fourth system that does outpatient appointments, we won’t have to develop a new application.”

Developing connectable applications with Ensemble is also quicker and more cost-effective than adding new functionality to existing systems.

“The problem we run into with a lot of our systems is that we are at the mercy of the vendors to make any changes,” Mr Richards said. “Ensemble enables us to very rapidly respond to business needs with an integration team of just two people.”

“InterSystems is delighted to be working in partnership with Mater Health Services, one of the leading health care organisations in Australia, to create connected healthcare applications like this one which improves the incidence of successful eye tissue donations and thus the quality of life for recipients,” InterSystems Regional Director, Asia Pacific and Middle East, Stan Capp said.

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