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A survey prepared by a North American company of more than a hundred hospitals throughout Spain shows that over half the best twenty public hospitals are found in Catalonia

Madrid, Spain – December 2001 – According to data from the second edition of the “Hospitals Top 20” program made by the North American firm Solucient International, 11 out of the best 20 Spanish public hospitals are located in the autonomous region of Catalonia, and nine of the hospitals use InterSystems technology.

After Solucient International made the names of the best hospitals known according to its survey, it has been found that nine of them (eight public and one private clinic) use technology developed by InterSystems. All these hospitals are located in Barcelona, Tarragona, and Gerona, and include:

  • Small general hospitals (up to 100 beds): Hospital of Palamós (Palamós, Gerona) and Pius Hospital de Valls (Valls, Tarragona)
  • Medium-size general hospitals (from 100 to 200 beds): C.H. Unitat Coronària de Manresa (Manresa, Barcelona), Fundació Sanitària d’Igualada (Igualada, Barcelona) and Hospital de Figueres (Figueres, Barcelona)
  • Large general hospitals (from 200 to 350 beds): C.S. del Maresme. Hospital de Mataró (Mataró, Barcelona)
  • Training hospitals (from 350 to 900 beds): Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus (Reus, Tarragona)
  • Large training hospitals (over 900 beds): Hospital Clínic i Provincial de Barcelona. Corporació Sanitària Clínic (Barcelona).
  • Hospitals and private clinics: Clínica Girona (Gerona).

The applications partners responsible for installing, migrating, maintaining, etc. the technology for these hospitals are SMS, CCS, Valen Computer, and SISinf.

The criteria used for the Solucient International report were quality, functional management, and efficiency at the hospitals surveyed and, without question, a robust database technology helps push these three parameters to their maximum levels. InterSystems database technology is this is chosen by 70 percent of hospitals worldwide.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., InterSystems Corporation is the leading provider of high performance database systems for Web applications, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, Caché, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast and massively scalable objects and SQL. Caché features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications. InterSystems is the database software leader in the healthcare sector, with Caché in use at the majority of major hospitals and labs around the world, including America’s 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report.

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