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InterSystems’ CACHÉ Post-Relational Database Delivers High Performance, Low Maintenance Critical in Newspaper Publishing Market

Amsterdam, Holland – October 12, 2004 – InterSystems Corporation and Digital Technology International (DTI) today announced that DTI’s NewsSpeed editorial publishing software is now available built on InterSystems’ CACHÉ post-relational database. The announcement came at Ifra Expo 2004 in Amsterdam where DTI is exhibiting in Booth 0370.

InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform worldwide. DTI provides advanced, comprehensive automated solutions for newspaper publishers around the world.

Top-tier Performance, Massive Scalability

“The decision to make NewsSpeed available on the CACHÉ post-relational database platform reflects the growing demand in the newspaper publishing sector for application performance and scalability,” says DTI Chairman and CEO Don Oldham. “The CACHÉ post-relational architecture enables extraordinary transaction processing speed. Its multidimensional database engine easily handles extremely large data volumes, which is key in publishing organizations that typically work with massive graphics files every day.

“CACHÉ combines this high performance with significantly lower hardware requirements than those of legacy two-dimensional relational database products,” Oldham continues. “And, CACHÉ is optimized for the Web environment, ensuring that newspaper publishers can leverage CACHÉ power and speed as they increasingly offer information delivery on the Web. With CACHÉ, DTI is providing a modern technology platform that will take our customer base into a new publishing era.”

InterSystems’ worldwide market presence complements DTI’s established international customer base, according to Oldham. “We provide highly scalable solutions for newspaper operations worldwide. With its Worldwide Response Center, InterSystems can provide the fully committed support and fast response our customers expect in every location we serve,” he says.

“This partnership leverages the strengths of DTI and InterSystems to deliver a truly world-class software solution to newspaper publishers,” says InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning Paul Grabscheid. The rich feature set offered by NewsSpeed and the high performance, scalability and cost-effectiveness provided by CACHÉ result in a synergy that can take newspaper publishers to the next competitive level.”

Platforms and Availability

CACHÉ-based NewsSpeed is available now on Mac OSX and Windows 95 and upwards clients with Windows or Solaris servers.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems Corporation ( has served the needs of IT organizations and independent software vendors for more than two decades. InterSystems’ showcase products, the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform, enable the rapid creation and fast integration of high-performance applications. Over four million people use mission-critical applications based on InterSystems’ software. Twenty regional offices serve application developers and integrators around the world, and 24 x 7 support is provided for all InterSystems products.

A free, fully functional, no-time-limit copy of CACHÉ can be downloaded or requested on CD from the InterSystems Web site.

About Digital Technology International

Digital Technology International (DTI), a privately held company, has been developing and implementing solutions for newspaper publishers around the world since 1981. DTI serves customers on a global basis with several offices in the U.S., including world headquarters in Springville, UT. International offices are located in Brentwood in the UK, and Darmstadt in Germany. DTI also has regional offices in Panama and Finland.

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