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Eton, UK – June 2000 – Daisy is the multilingual veterinary administration and information system from developers Micpoint, based in The Netherlands. Daisy is proving very popular with now some 62% of all veterinary practices in The Netherlands, as well as several in Canada, Curaçao, Belgium and Germany.

Since Daisy was designed by veterinary surgeons it is no surprise that it completely integrates all the functions that veterinary practices need for their business to run efficiently and effectively. With a touch of a button letters, faxes and invoices are can be sent, so saving administration time and money. By automating the invoicing, stock control and cash register functions vets can spend more time on customer and patient care.

Full multimedia capability allows vets to view photographs, x-rays and ultra-sounds of the animal patients. Daisy uses advanced technology of Caché from InterSystems, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to integrate its word processing to an expert database that provide relevant advice on such things as feeding programs, medication and abnormalities. Medication and food may be ordered on-line, with pop-up friendly guidance on possible prescription errors or cost control guidelines.

It is highly customizable and very easy to use, with on-line help at every point.

Each surgeon has their own correspondence formats with their chosen logos. Their individual diaries are integrated with the communal diary of the practice. Comprehensive management reports on turnover, products, customers, patients, operations, and suppliers, which may be viewed as graphs, give the full picture on how the business is running. Tax calculation is automatic, specific to the each country, with prices in local currency and the euro. Daisy help ensure that practices meet all the demands of government and regulatory bodies.

All practice staff enjoy the extensive introductory course in the Micpoint office classroom before Daisy arrives. Thereafter a Help Desk is on hand to answer any questions. Daisy is venture further in to e-commerce in the near future, with an on-line Internet based shop on its own web site for all Daisy users.

Micpoint’s emphasis on service complements the advanced InterSystems Caché technology and multilingual capability to make Daisy a favourite among vets across Europe.

About Daisy

Owners of lost pets will be pleased to know about Micpoint’s new Web site called DaisyWeb.

DaisyWeb holds information on 30.000 registered pets. By integrating several small existing pet databases into DaisyWeb using the InterSystems Caché e-DBMS, Micpoint have provided owners of missing pets or those that have found them, just one database to search. While the parties involved are still negotiating, references (links) to the other databases are given.

Soon, DaisyWeb will include questions and answers from readers about their pets. Pet owners will be able to add interesting, cute and funny texts about their pets for publishing on the site.

Pet owners will also be able to make an appointment at one of the 400 cooperating veterinary practices via DaisyWeb. More importantly, during emergency call outs, vets using Daisy (Micpoint’s multilingual veterinary administration and information system) will be able to enquire on each others databases for animal patient history.

Even for those lucky people who have not lost pets, Daisy should be a useful favourites entry.

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