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ICGATE Consultancy Launches Website, Cuts Response Time By 30 Percent

Cambridge, MA – July 9, 2001 – InterSystems Corporation today announced that a new-generation website used to track criminals worldwide has gone live in Seminole County, Fla. The website,, was created and launched by ICGATE Inc., a software development consultancy specializing in website development.

InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database. ICGATE is using CACHÉ as the database system foundation for a website that provides an invaluable information resource for law enforcement agencies and the general public.

Serving Law Enforcement Professionals and the Public

“Law enforcement agencies all over the world visit the site to gather data that helps identify and track known felons and traveling criminals,” says Pete Robinson, Webmaster/special projects coordinator for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to providing information on felons that include sex offenders, sexual predators, and traveling criminals, the website also includes advisories on criminal activity, a data repository of missing and endangered citizens and links to information on crime prevention and citizen safety.

“We believe we have the only database in the world that provides the public and law enforcement this type of data,” Robinson says. As a result, law enforcement organizations from San Francisco to Chicago to New York to Cologne, Germany use the website as an online aid to identifying and apprehending felons and traveling criminals.

Equally critical, the website database serves as an information repository for civilian initiatives such as safety code enforcement and neighborhood crime watches. “The best way to fight crime is to prevent it and the website is a very effective part of the prevention process,” notes Robinson, pointing out that the crime rate in Seminole County is about half that of the rest of the state of Florida.

CACHÉ Speeds Site Response

“This website first went live in 1997. Visits have grown each year and the data in the repository is increasingly complex,” says F Harvell, ICGATE president. The website has had more than 400,000 visitors so far this year and Harvell says the trend is upward. The Sheriff’s Office wanted to cut response time for even the most complex queries to better serve the visitor base, according to Harvell. “That’s why ICGATE recommended relaunching the site with high-performance CACHÉ database software.”

Response speed surged after the CACHÉ-based implementation went live. “Not only did we see a 30 percent speed improvement with CACHÉ, because of ICGATE’s re-engineering of our automated processes, we saw the time to process one felon drop from 18 minutes to under 7 minutes. That represents a significant cost avoidance for the Sheriff’s Office,” says Robinson. “And, that’s with a database that provides access to more than 8,000 images among other data and continues to grow very rapidly.”

“CACHÉ is being used in extremely innovative applications being launched everywhere on the Web. The Seminole County Sheriff website illustrates one of the reasons why high performance on the Web isn’t just desirable-it’s a requirement for success,” says Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning.

About InterSystems

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., InterSystems Corporation ( is the leading provider of high-performance database systems for Web applications, with over four million users worldwide. InterSystems’ flagship product, CACHÉ, is a post-relational database with a multidimensional data and application server offering ultra-fast and massively scalable objects and SQL. CACHÉ features breakthrough rapid development technology for building objects and object applications.

About ICGate

Headquartered in Orlando, FL, ICGate was founded to deliver quality Internet services to businesses and corporations. ICGate is a software development firm specializing in the development of dynamic, data driven Web applications. These applications facilitate personal interaction and communication between the companies and their customers. By utilizing significant partnerships such as InterSystems and IBM, and through acquisitions of top rate service companies ICGate has compiled a tremendous history of creating successful solutions for business. For more information, visit

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