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Researchers Highlight Caché Capabilities for Web-based E-commerce

CAMBRIDGE, MA – May 10, 1999 – Superior performance and scalability are the key features enabling InterSystems Corporation’s Caché post-relational database software to set the pace in the OLTP database arena, according to an evaluation by Bloor Research. Web capabilities for e-commerce were also highlighted in the Caché evaluation report from Bloor Research, one of the largest information technology research firms in Europe.

Caché facilities such as a multidimensional architecture and advanced caching strategies enable high performance in OLTP environments. “Thus, it should come as no surprise that Caché can significantly outperform and outscale its rivals,” according to the evaluation.

Equally key, the database software includes significant Web capability and superior object handling, making Caché “eminently suitable for Web-based e-commerce applications,” the report states.

In other key findings, Bloor Research observes that:

  • Caché is particularly optimized for large OLTP environments with the complex business logic and multimedia requirements typical of Web-enabled and e-commerce applications
  • Multidimensional capability means increased efficiency over relational approaches in the area of OLTP applications
  • The Caché multidimensional engine provides a more complete environment for storing objects than a relational or extended/object-relational approach. This significantly reduces object mapping overhead.

“This third-party evaluation underlines what Caché is all about-enabling high performance scalable OLTP for Web e-commerce and client/server environments,” notes Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning.

The Bloor Research evaluation report on Caché database software is available now on

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