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Integration with their existing systems and the new NHS Care Records Service

Eton, UK – June 9, 2005 – Barts and The London NHS Trust has chosen the InterSystems Ensemble universal integration platform for use at its three prestigious hospitals in East London and the City – The Royal London Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and The London Chest Hospital. Ensemble will be used to address a range of projects across the three sites, as well as providing integration with the new NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS).

The NHS Care Records Service will ultimately connect more than 30,000 GPs and 270 Trusts to national systems that will support appointments, prescribing and access to summary medical records. In each of the five regions of the English NHS, healthcare organisations will adopt standard operational and clinical solutions delivered by newly-appointed Local Service Providers (LSPs).

Barts and The London NHS Trust is scheduled to be an early adopter of the regional solution being delivered by the Capital Care Alliance, led by BT. The Trust sought to select a technology that could address the integration requirements associated with existing in-house systems and also provide a solution for integration with the new BT NHS CRS solution.

Mike Eagles, Head of Software Development at Barts and The London NHS Trust commented,“We chose Ensemble for many reasons, but what really sets it apart, is that it is much quicker, and more easily to use than other products. We need to develop and integrate solutions much more quickly than in the past. Ensemble helps us to do this.”

Like many trusts, Barts and The London NHS Trust has a substantial investment in existing systems. The Trust’s in-house teams have considerable expertise in the development and integration of operational healthcare systems. Barts and The London NHS Trust was therefore well-equipped to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the available offerings, resulting in a decision to select Ensemble.

One of the first projects to use Ensemble will be to take HL7 messaging outputs from the existing radiology information system to create reports for onward distribution to GPs. The Trust is now looking at how Ensemble can help it to rapidly develop new solutions based on existing operational systems.

“We are delighted with this latest Ensemble project in a major NHS trust,” said Duncan Allen, Sales Manager at InterSystems. “There is clearly a need for powerful and flexible integration technology that can deliver rapid integration whilst making best use of scarce NHS resources.”“Ensemble can help Trusts get maximum value out of existing solutions, deliver new local initiatives and be ready to connect to the new regional systems,” continued Allen. “These are challenges being faced by the majority of Trusts today.”

InterSystems Ensemble universal integration platform won the prestigious Product of the Year Award at the 2004 Information Management Awards. It stands out as the only application integration platform to incorporate the functionality of integration and application servers, a high performance database, and a unified development and management environment in a single, architecturally seamless product. Ensemble’s unique architecture enables it to address even the most complex integration projects far more rapidly and cost-effectively than is typical with other integration technologies.

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