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Norsistemas and its technology partners, InterSystems and Trak Systems will develop a health care information system that will enable doctors at M.D. Anderson International España and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to work together on processes relating to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Madrid, November 24, 2000 – Norsistemas, the Soluziona information technology consultancy company, its technology partners, InterSystems, a leading supplierof high-performance database systems for Web applications, and Trak Systems,a partner of InterSystems that uses InterSystems’ Caché post-relationaldatabase management system, have concluded an agreement with the M.D. Andersonclinic, an institution belonging to the University of Texas, considered one ofthe world’s foremost centres in the fight against cancer. Under the terms ofthe signed agreement, Norsistemas, in conjunction with InterSystems and TrakSystems, will develop a health care information system that will enable doctorsat M.D. Anderson International España and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Centerin Houston to work together on all the processes relating to the diagnosis andtreatment of cancer.

The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, one of the world’s most prestigious oncological research, diagnosis, and treatment hospitals, opened its Madrid centre on November 14 in a ceremony attended by former U.S. President, George Bush, who is currently president of the M.D. Anderson Foundation in Houston. Bush visited the M.D. Anderson International España clinic with the Houston hospital’s senior representative and medical specialists at the new Spanish centre. The M.D. Anderson hospital is exclusively dedicated to curing cancer through research, prevention programmes, and the training of specialists.

Representatives from Norsistemas, InterSystems, and Trak Systems attended the opening of this new centre, the first to be established by the prestigious U.S. hospital outside the United States.

This information technology implementation project is based on the total patient health care concept that gives support to the various clinical processes. The diagnostic process, choice of clinical protocols, test results, therapies applied, and clinical sessions are all performed by accessing the same information, so that Spanish patients will receive the same treatment that they would in Houston without the complications and high costs of transport and accommodation for the patient and his/her companions in another country.

Collaboration between Norsistemas, InterSystems, and Trak Systems started in October,1999 when Norsistemas began working on the hospital and health centre solution produced by Trak Systems. Since then, InterSystems, Norsistemas, and Trak Systems have joined forces and begun positioning themselves in the health care market, supported by the robust technology and advanced performance of InterSystems’ Caché, the highly versatile and functional Caché-based MedTrak product developed by Trak Systems, and Norsistemas’ experience in the health sector and the implementation of information systems.

The excellent training of Spanish medical specialists and the keen interest in oncological research in the scientific community were determining factors in choosing Spain for the headquarters of the new M.D. Anderson centre. The Spanish team is composed of eminent Spanish specialists, all accredited by the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and a large number of whom have studied in the leading U.S. hospitals.

To mark the opening of the Spanish hospital, MD Anderson International España organised a scientific symposium on November 13 and 14 covering the biology of cancer, therapeutic applications, the development and future of radiotherapy, breast cancer, and strategies at the MD Anderson centre itself in the treatment of lymphomas. The speakers included the most eminent specialists from the U.S. hospital and from the new Madrid clinic.

About Norsistemas

Norsistemas, an information technology consultancy company, is part of Soluziona, the umbrella organisation for all the professional services of Unión Fenosa, encompassing 5,000 employees. The Norsistemas team exceeds 750 and the company has over 120 customers, including major corporations and institutions in various business sectors.

About InterSystems

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems BV is a leading supplier of high-performance database systems and post-relational software. The company develops, markets, and supports Caché, a powerful database that enables applications to be developed very swiftly. Caché is orientated towards business environments based on client/server architectures and Net-based transactional process applications.

Caché, the InterSystems post-relational database, enables professional developers, value-added resellers (VAR’s), systems integrators and information systems organisations to implement complex client-server or Internet-based applications which operate at high speed, even when handling large amounts of data and thousands of simultaneous accesses

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