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KLAS 2023 - CMIO

"We started on a small scale wanting to share data between a few organizations, and then we did a massive scaling up of our HealthShare Unified Care Record instance as part of our pandemic response. We crammed a lot of implementation work into our time frame. We haven't needed a lot of training from InterSystems. We have everything we need, and now the system is quite mature. Needing to bring data together from patients coming from all over is what kicked things off, and then everyone could see the value of bringing everything together. HealthShare Unified Care Record is essential. It is our main shared care record system for neighboring areas that are all working together on the same system. For patients anywhere within those areas, the staff can access data that any of the other organizations hold using HealthShare Unified Care Record. I have had some experience with other vendors, and they are not good. In terms of delivery and getting the job done, we have had no problem with InterSystems. We get a lot done quickly and get some quite difficult things done. I would recommend InterSystems to anyone. I don't think there is anybody better."