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A Mission that Demands Answers

When you combine an $8.45 trillion USD global healthcare industry with data growth that exceeds other industries by 60% and a life-or-death mission, the result is an enormous need for healthcare analytics.



an·a·lyt·ics| ˌanəˈlidiks |


(used with a plural verb) the patterns and other meaningful information gathered from the analysis of data: an abundance of actionable analytics to help you deliver a better customer experience.

Delivering the Insights and Answers You Need

Analytics means different things to different audiences, with different deliverables for each

  • Clinicians – Delivering the information that matters most for treating each patient during an encounter.
  • Clinical researchers – Powering knowledge discovery through the exploration of real-world evidence at scale.
  • Integrated delivery network executives – Guiding operations with up-to-the-minute management information.
  • Data scientists – Accessing abundant clean data for machine learning.
  • Medical device makers – Leveraging embedded intelligence to keep equipment working safely.
  • Public health officers – Visualizing trends for a population of interest.
  • Health IT software developers – Building applications with embedded intelligence driven by a robust health data pipeline.
  • Provider network managers – Being able to track and manage performance metrics in real time
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Analytics Everywhere

InterSystems puts analytics at the center of everything we build

We deliver composable services through our smart data fabric, so you can put analytics at the center of everything you build as well.


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