Leverage Longitudinal Patient Data for Innovation & End-to-End Evidence

The transition from volume to value is driving major change in life sciences. It means taking a longer view of the patient – from prevention to diagnosis to treatment to ongoing health maintenance.
To succeed and drive your business forward in this environment requires end-to-end evidence of product efficacy and value.
The good news is that InterSystems HealthShare makes it possible.

“Beyond the Pill”

With HealthShare you can aggregate and analyze patient data from different electronic medical record (EMR) systems and other sources – unconstrained by time, hospitals, healthcare organization, or geography – to drive patient-centered research and market strategies.

By helping you manage all available data – structured and unstructured, clinical, genomic, and financial – for use in analytics, HealthShare enables you to better

  • Evaluate protocol feasibility
  • Identify and recruit viable patient candidates for clinical trials
  • Track patients enrolled in trials
  • Connect with customers & consumers
  • Conduct efficient, accurate health surveillance and observational studies for real world evidence
  • Provide end-to-end evidence management to optimize R&D efforts and measure value
Aggregate and analyze patient data with HealthShare.

Achieving & Demonstrating Value

Widespread efforts to control and reduce costs, improve outcomes, and obtain more value for money spent are driving the evolution of the U.S. health system from volume- to value-based care. Real World Evidence (RWE) has emerged as a powerful and broad-based capability for shaping and informing the shift to value-based, personalized health care. In order to prosper, Life Sciences companies need new data management capabilities to optimize, generate and discover value.

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Success with InterSystems

Since 1978, InterSystems has delivered mission-critical software that helps organizations keep patients and populations healthy. Companies like Epic, Quest, LabCorp, Covance, and Roche Diagnostics have created some of the world’s most important healthcare applications using our technology.

  • The health records of 1 billion people worldwide rely on InterSystems technology
  • InterSystems has customers in over 80 countries
  • Nearly all U.S. academic medical centers are InterSystems customers
  • All 20 of the U.S. News & World Report 2018-2019 Honor Roll of Best Hospitals are InterSystems customers
  • Two-thirds of Americans receive care where InterSystems technology plays a key role
  • Two of the three major EHR solutions that Gartner calls “Global Solutions” run on InterSystems technology

Success Stories

Northwell Health

Northwell Health, based on Long Island, New York, uses InterSystems HealthShare to aggregate, integrate, store, and use information from the disparate EMRs and other clinical systems across its 23 hospitals and over 450 ambulatory and physician practices. Using HealthShare’s unified care record, Northwell now has at its disposal a healthcare database holding over 1 billion data points. Northwell uses this data to match inclusion criteria for specific trials, with HealthShare’s natural language processing technology mining radiology reports, pathology reports, and clinical notes to assess if the patient is suitable.



Biogen supports its R&D efforts for Multiple Sclerosis using InterSystems HealthShare. The firm’s global “learning health system” network has multiple sites in the U.S. using HealthShare to aggregate clinical information from Epic EMRs. The network’s sites in Europe have used the same technology to add information from several German hospitals.

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University Hospital Brussels

University Hospital Brussels conducted analysis of mostly unstructured data in clinical notes, in addition to structured data, to identify patients for clinical trials.


Belgian Pharmaceutical Company

A Belgian pharmaceutical company teamed with InterSystems to identify patients at risk of developing Hepatitis C by analyzing unstructured clinical notes for the prevalence of tattoos, acupuncture, piercings, prison stays, and other high-risk factors rarely reported structured data


Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital uses InterSystems technology for genomics research aimed at breakthroughs in personalized medicine and molecularly targeted therapies.


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