United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Helping Make a Healthier Future for Our Veterans Matters

InterSystems Today

We are proud our technology drives a healthcare solution for 9.2 million veterans.

KLAS calls InterSystems technology “a highly scalable and extremely stable product traditionally found in the largest organizations.”  Our technology serves:

More than 28 million people in New York State, including 16 million patients served by the Healthix health information exchange in Greater New York City and Long Island, creating interoperability across multiple systems and data formats.

Hundreds of millions of people in 80 countries, including 2 out of 3 people in the U.S.

Countrywide/large-scale connected-care systems, including Holland, Chile, U.S. military, Kaiser Permanente, and five statewide health information exchanges.

and Tomorrow

InterSystems will continue to serve those who serve us – with increased performance, greater interoperability, and coordinated care.

Creating Sustainable 21st Century Health Systems: eHealth and Health Information Technology

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