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How can real-time insight improve patient outcomes and your bottom line?
Estimate how InterSystems alerts and notifications could increase your ambulatory and inpatient revenue.
The Value of InterSystems
  • Reduce no-show rates for scheduled outpatient visits
  • Increase emergency department post-discharge follow-up rates
  • Reduce readmission penalties

Calculate your estimated revenue gains

Estimate how HealthShare alerts and notifications could increase your ambulatory and inpatient revenue.
Use the sliders below to enter annual values for your hospital or health system
1 1 30000000
Enter your organization’s values for customization
(Default U.S. industry average values shown)
The range below represents the combined estimated revenue gains and penalty avoidance realized through:
  • Increased ED Follow-up Visits
  • Decreased No-Shows
  • Reduced Readmission Penalties
In order to get your results, please use the sliders to input your annual values.
*Base Calculation Assumptions include values entered/displayed, default industry average values for outpatient market share and mix, ED follow-up no show rate, ambulatory visit reimbursement rates and improvement rates of 10-15%. See Report for Industry Sources.
InterSystems creative data technology
Get your detailed report for further insight into how InterSystems solutions can improve your bottom line.
Complete the form to receive a detailed report describing the calculator methodology and broader financial gains possible from additional use cases. We use industry-sourced values in our calculations cited in full report. Your actual results could be higher or lower.*

Of course, InterSystems can deliver many other capabilities and benefits not covered by this calculator.

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Drop in your details to receive your customized, detailed report.
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*Disclaimer: Calculation estimates are provided only as a guide and are based on market metrics from peer-reviewed studies and journals, government databases, and other healthcare research sources. Every client is unique and actual results will vary. This tool is provided as-is with no warranty as to the results.

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Please check your inbox to see your detailed report, and to start learning about your potential economic opportunities with HealthShare. You can also visit our website to explore many additional benefits of HealthShare and other InterSystems solutions, or schedule a call to discuss your results, report and other use cases.