Will Walter

Will Walter is responsible for business development and strategy to align InterSystems’ technologies with innovative opportunities in the financial markets. Will has played key roles in transforming businesses at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, New York Stock Exchange, and Barclays. Will also built and led the professional services practice for TransactTools, a pioneering software company focused on interoperability and analytics within financial services. In his role at TransactTools, Will advised many investment banks, exchanges, asset managers, and other financial technology providers on best practices for connectivity and data strategy.

Harnessing Insights From Transactions in Financial Services: The Data Platform Approach

Business drivers such as increasing regulation, the risk of fraud, and consumer demand for tailored services are creating a fundamental...

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Creating a Data Line of Sight in Financial Services

Financial services organizations have always been rich in data and heavily regulated. But despite large investments in software, people, and...

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