Michael Hom

Michael Hom is a technology executive with over 25 years of experience working in Financial Services industry. Prior to joining InterSystems, Michael was a Managing Director managing Global Rates, Securitized Products, and Municipals Technologies at Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets. Previously, he was an Executive Director overseeing Cross Product Technologies including Risk, Sales and Trade Management at Nomura Securities. Michael started his career at Lehman Brothers, building systems in the Rates, Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets areas. Later on, he became Senior Vice President leading Securitized Products – Whole Loans, Real Estate, and Principal Finance Technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Fast Money: The Innovation Race Between Established and Upstart Financial Services Firms

The banking and finance industry has always been capable of adapting. But as the world recovers from the pandemic, banking...

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Mastering AI and Big Data Analytics: Why Fintechs Must First Get Their Data in Order

The global fintech industry is continuing to thrive, and its desire to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics...

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Virtual Summit 2020: 3 Financial Services Perspectives on Adaptability in Times of Uncertainty

This year, financial services firms have been required to respond and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances brought about by the...

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Don’t Rip and Replace in Order to Hyper-Personalize

In an increasingly digital world filled with chatbots, tap-and-go payments and “buy now, pay later” credit lines, hyper-personalization is the...

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How Capital Markets Firms Can Mitigate Risk in Periods of Uncertainty

Currently, external factors like the COVID-19 pandemic mean that the global economy has become increasingly volatile and capital markets firms...

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